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The Seeker’s Paradox


There is one message that has vibrated through the chords of many voices, echoed  through aeons. A truth that all great spiritual teachers have shared: The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. At the centre of your Being you have the answers. The Universe is inside you.

You hold the bell that will awaken the sleeping Buddha.

One chord in this choir will resonate with you and show you the way, and you will realise that you have always held the key to your awakening. You will find it when you stop looking; this is the paradox. We hear this and imagine that we are looking for our actual keys, ones we’ve misplaced somewhere if only we could remember where. I suppose it is a little like that – when we relax they often show up, waiting for us on the countertop we passed by many times, blinded by our frustration, our looking. We are the person wearing glasses on top of our heads, asking the world to help us find them. It’s the act of effort that keeps it just out of reach – for what part of us is trying to awaken? The part that is convinced we are not yet there. All we need to do is relax and realise our True Selves. Awakening is our ultimate self-realisation. This has long been humanity’s longing – the utmost spiritual ambition of any seeker. It’s the seeking that caught us out, but it also invited the path towards the target. If we could just let go of the tunnel vision, we might begin to see the great vista of our highest fulfilment.

Connection is our truth. This is why the idea of separation is so painful. Separation is a lie. This illusion is why we have often struggled as all of our relationships are experienced under the assertion of duality – me and you, me and that over there; in this case, perhaps “that” is awakening – me and awakening. The chasm is an illusion, like an oasis we are thirsty for, it keeps what we seek just out of reach. Our language helps to reinforce these notions of separateness. If I am reaching for this enlightenment event to happen, willing it into existence, the way to get there is to stop trying to get there – a leap in consciousness will bridge that gap. When we look deeper in this seemingly dense level of form we are oscillating atoms and waves with focused points of consciousness, connecting in a sea of energy and frequency. When we align our minds with this ultimate reality, we experience an awakening – we tap into Oneness and the infinite cosmic potential of the Universe. We bring the light of this knowing into our interactions and this passive, yet, radical action soothes the world. It brings peace. It washes away fear with waves of love. This is not just a theory, it is our truth. The way forward as a species is to remember. Once we are whole in ourselves we can be whole as a planet and awaken together to an age of compassion and love – we can begin to live in The Light Ages.  Continue reading

The Finger and The Moon


In Zen we hear a parable: do not mistake the finger pointing at the moon for the moon. Meaning, do not mistake the teachings that lead to awakening, for awakening itself. At some point your eyes must leave their contact with the finger, and move across the void towards the moon. To see the luminous sphere, you must leave the realm of concepts and shift into another space. As such, this work is a bridge, a pointer to help you cross to the other side and once across, leave the bridge and explore the moonlit land that awaits you. Sometimes the finger points and you look, only you still do not experience the lunar event – are you looking for it with an active mind? Is it a new moon, hiding itself?

The first time I caught a glimpse of that elusive moon I was crossing London Fields at sunrise, after a lively and not-exactly-sober night at a house party. This was not my most ‘spiritual’ state, and I would not have planned it this way, but it was the first time I experienced delicious Being without thought. Leaving the comforting warmth of that party with all its noise and jubilation, I stepped outside where it was cool and quiet. There was a mist hugging the earth in perfect stillness. The sudden shift of atmosphere took my mind along with it. I became totally present for the first time, aware of the world all around me; the world outside my head. I heard each leaf as a roaring ocean in the many Plane Trees that line that park. This was a mini-awakening. I was aware of being aware. For all appearances, I had accidentally slipped into a parallel dimension. Continue reading

Thoughts on Ku + Reiki

Stillness. Such a quiet here on Winter Solstice. I walked Eli to nursery while birds sang to greet the return of the sun. It’s quiet inside of me too. Post self-treatment focusing Reiki on my Hara, I feel like I have lightening bolts firing through my body. I am aware of the space I contain for those lightening bolts to flash upon.

Reiki is electricity.

Now when I contemplate space, or hear someone like Eckhart Tolle speaking of it, or read back the channellings that fill my book, I just see Reiki. Reiki is the energy of that space. The essence of what is called “Ku,” the Zen notion of emptiness. “Spiritual” energy is all of the cosmic energy of the formless.

We see Spirit as separate from ourselves so language points us in this direction even further, yet Spirit is All That Is – the quantum field of endless formlessness and the manifested form reading these words. This is another trapping in the manifested world of duality, we see form and formless, yet in the ultimate realm where our souls dwell we find that everything has energy and all of that is spiritual energy. That energy is what we call Reiki. Client’s often describe it as a warm blanket because it is the blanket of immeasurable space unto which we all exist. It is the Pure Land. The blanket of warm energy that holds the whole Universe. It is the energy of Oneness.

Ku is the central concept in Zen Buddhism. Ku is unchanging in nature – and it strikes me that Reiki is also unchanging. YES it sparks change, it creates so many in our lives when we welcome it in, yet it itself is unchanging – it remains consistent. This is the foundation of the Universe. This is pure cosmic un-manifest potential. This is our Buddha nature – our true nature. It is this quest all of us seeker’s are on, searching for this essence of ourselves. Paradoxically the quest is complete when we call off the search. It can only be found when we stop looking. It was inside all along.

Today I have four clients and with each I want to focus on this Ku essence  – not as a concept but as a feeling. A feeling of blending with the infinite dwelling place of Source. To experience myself as one with that energy and to feel as one with my client simultaneously, transmutes this enchantment into their consciousness at the cellular level. This feeling sparks the healing, the change, the alignment with their inner Ku. This is our wholeness, our fulfilment with the Buddha-mind, the soul, the emptiness. That is peace. How very profound this work really is – it seems a simple laying on of hands but that is a small picture of the eternal place we touch. It begins with connection and goes as deep as our awareness will allow. How beautiful that we don’t need to even know what it is or what it’s doing – we just need to permit it to do it’s good work. Thank you, Reiki.

This text is copyright Brighitta Moser-Clark.

Brighitta is a Reiki Master / Teacher and Channel based in London.  She is available for Reiki combined with intuitive guidance from Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones for deep and transformative holistic healing sessions.  Find out more about Sessions and Courses @

The Medium Between My Soul and This Earth

I am grateful for my hands. There is magic flowing through them.

I am grateful for my feet. They take me everywhere I wish to go.

I am grateful for my heart. I know it beats in harmony with the heart of the Universe. I listen with my ears just below the surface while I submerge my consciousness in the still water of the bathtub. It bellows in a rhythmic chant that tranquillises mental noise.

I am grateful for this skin that contains me, that gives me a sense of the air around me. I feel the world with it, and I am felt. It grants me the illusion of separation – that illusion I so wanted when I came here.

I cherish these eyes that see the world in rich colours and tidy compositions. I marvel at the delights in sound my ears can host.

I see that you have always adored me. Despite my near constant criticism you have just loved me, you have given me the generous gift of a space to live through. Thank you for knowing how to heal, for whispering what you need, for knowing how to grow a baby. Thank you. I am so very blessed to have you. I want to take very good care of you. You are my personal, delicious, sensuous experience of life itself. Body of mine, you are the medium between my soul and this earth. Here on out I promise to treat you well – in my dialogue, in my thoughts, in my ways of nurturing you and decorating your curvy form. I love being with you.

We are so eager to get to Spirit yet we as spirits wanted so much to be in these bodies. Write your body a love letter. Feel the energy that animates this gorgeous place you call home. Praise this home for it’s many offerings. It loves you unconditionally. It is so generous and asks for nothing in return. Your heart will beat for all of your days with no need for thanks. Why not take a moment to thank your beating heart now? Write a long love letter of adoration. Feel how this shifts your mind from criticism to adoration. Notice what changes you might wish to adapt in it’s care.

This text is copyright Brighitta Moser-Clark.

Brighitta is a Reiki Master / Teacher and Channel based in London.  She is available for Reiki combined with intuitive guidance from Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones for deep and transformative holistic healing sessions.  Find out more about Sessions and Courses @

Forest of Light


You might not have noticed, but the light collective has become stronger. By this we mean those like you committed to a world ruled by love and compassion.

You might not have noticed, but you are not a tree on it’s own facing the elements. You are a mighty forest. You are strong and your desire is aligned with the Universe’s urge to awaken.

Standing tall together you are a forest of light. Your roots, crowns, and limbs have woven together. You can withstand the temporary storms as the shadow is seen. This luminous collective is surrounded by energy from the ‘other’ side – from the Light Bringers, from your ancestors, from the highest versions of you.

Continue weaving, connecting, breathing.

It has been five years since 2012 when many began awakening. A tipping point is occurring and it will only continue. When life’s energy pulls inward, such as in the winter, pull inward together. Continue connecting, sharing, and inspiring each other.  When it sprouts out, reach out together. Supporting, celebrating, vibrantly becoming greater as a whole.

We are moving into a time of collaboration rather than competition. We are shifting into a time of unity – though it may appear that the opposite is true, live with this ideal behind your intentions and you will soon discover what a cooperative reality you are existing within.

When you act from a place of Oneness you are at your most powerful. You are forest. You have the whole Universe behind you.

How can I help? This is the greatest question you can ask in this shifting tide.

Trees are only as strong as the forest that surrounds them. They join at the roots and the crown to weave their energy together and stand tall. We are all connected.

This text is copyright Brighitta Moser-Clark.

Brighitta is a Reiki Master / Teacher and Channel based in London.  She is available for Reiki combined with intuitive guidance from Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones for deep and transformative holistic healing sessions.  Find out more about Sessions and Courses @


Indiaaa 24Forgive to set yourself free.

Forgiving feels better than begrudging. You don’t have to carry the burden of the alternative.

Forgiveness creates space for peace inside your body. You forgive by moving into the present moment and deciding to let the past rest. That past failing exists in another time. It is far behind you now. Release it, forgive it, move forward a million pounds lighter for it. The dense anger has sat deep in your belly – can you feel the tension beginning to soften there as you leave that heaviness to drop to the ground?

Forgive to set yourself F  R  E  E.

Forgiveness // A Self-Love Story
She released the weight of all who had wounded her. She let go of those mistakes, those hurts, that she alone had carried.

She was no longer held down. She was now a balloon ascending into the sky. Almost no one witnessed her flight, but one. One saw. She witnessed herself as a white ball of helium making a run for the stars. She forgave not for their benefit but to feel the freedom of no longer holding on to pain.

In one moment of realisation she let it all go.

She floated high above gravity’s tether.

And she knew what only the birds know.


And now you dear – write your own love story. What would forgiving feel like to you?



This text is copyright Brighitta Moser-Clark.

Brighitta is a Reiki Master + Teacher and Channel based in London.  She is available for Reiki combined with intuitive guidance from Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones for deep and transformative holistic healing sessions.  Find out more about Sessions and Courses @


I would like to know more about Conception…
Does one have control over when it will happen, or is the timing down to the Baby’s Soul Plan? Does the Baby’s Spirit have a spot on time that it has chosen to incarnate? What makes a woman broody? What is the best way to aid conception?

The timing of conception is an intricate answer, for it is a dance between the child’s soul, the Contracts this child has made, and your wishes, your desires, your readiness to receive the child.  The child comes when they are ready, but also the child watches in the wings to come when they know you are ready – for you have Contracts that must be fulfilled prior to conception.  The child, the incoming Soul, has their own Contracts to fulfil.  Continue reading

The Law of Attraction and The Awakening

I would like to know about the Law of Attraction and how it fits in with The Awakening. Does visualising material desires just increase ones attachment to them or is it a useful tool in manifestation? What is the best way to draw positive things in to my life or do I actually have no control anyway? Is it a good idea to let yourself desire things you do not have, or should you focus on the present moment – the idea that everything is exactly as it is meant to be? Is the desire all based in the egoic mind and in an illusion of the future being better than the present?  Should you try to lift your own vibration by reaching for a better thought or doing certain “processes” to turn your thoughts around, or is it actually all about just excepting what is and being with it?

Dearest One,

Awakening and Law of Attraction can (and do) work together.  On your path towards Awakening, you magnetise many experiences and Teachers that contribute greatly to the unfolding lotus of your enlightenment. Continue reading

Realizing our Life’s Purpose

The subject of Life Purpose is a key component for the Awakening and Spiritual Ascension that is gaining momentum here on Earth.  Many are asking this question, “What is my Life Purpose?”  for it is a seeker’s question.  It is essentially in the same spirit of the question, “Why Am I Here?” – which every Human will ask at one point on the journey of life.  The answer is simple: You Are Here.

Your Soul wanted to incarnate once again and chose the Earth as the platform for expansion and play, for all the love and the joy and experience that the Earth uniquely offers.  Your purpose is like a lotus flower blooming, one petal at a time, opening to the Divine.  Your true purpose is that which makes your heart sing. Continue reading

We Are In The Wind


We are in the wind, and the bird song, and the rays of golden sunshine. We pulse in your heart, we live behind your eyes, we are the energy of every cell in your body, every cell of the Universe, every particle in all of existence.

We are every single thing seen and unseen. We can never be separated for we are the space in the separation.

You are forever a part of this pulsing collective force, Continue reading