November 2014 – Insights and Guidance: Embrace the Unknown

Change.  Release. Surrender. These are the themes for this month.

Allow the energy of stepping forward on your path to gently take your leaves to the ground – let go in faith, feeling the momentum of transformation.  Spread your wings.  Know that what you release now, will make you lighter; it will be easier to take flight as a result of the release.  Ground yourself firmly into the present – be one with Life, and then…fly.

Many of you have been feeling that your lives are rapidly changing, with not so much control or say from yourselves, with out any conscious decision or action that you’ve made – a divine energy seems to have swept in and begun clearing out that which no longer serves you.  That which does serve you may or may not have appeared already in it’s place, but take heart dear Ones, it is coming in this spaciousness of surrender.  This is a time for Trust and Faith.  This is a month to be clear about the life you are wanting to create for yourself and to direct your Spiritual Friends to help you with it.  In the blank canvas you may be looking upon,  imagine a life with out any limitations – the ideal, most beautiful existence you can imagine – allow yourself to paint it over the next few weeks, and give yourself permission to live it.  This is a sacred time to nurture that which you dream of.  For although your Mind may not resolve how it has come to be that your life is being cleared and cleaned out before you eyes, your Soul has planned for this time, and it has attracted this manifestation of transformation into your life experience.  You can trust it.

On the Northern Hemisphere the days are noticeably shorter now and the colours of the physical chakras are all around you, golds and yellows and reds are saturating the trees as they are letting go.  On the Southern Hemisphere the display of nature is of the rebirthing that comes after the surrender, colours of the metaphysical chakras are blooming and smelling sweetly – purples, violets, pinks and blues, new life has begun to bloom again.  This is a sacred time, a blessed time dear Hearts, do not spend it in fear of the unknown, do not waste your precious blessings by mourning your losses.  For only that which serves your greatest good to release is being taken from you – as a service from your Higher Selves.  Try to relax and enjoy this process of being tenderly cleaned – like a Mother Cat licking her young, you are being cleansed with great Love.  Continue to do practical things that assist in releasing energy – eat well, move your body in nature often, meditate, and focus on the positive aspects of this transformation.  Be gentle with yourselves.  Know that this too shall pass and with that passing a marvel of new life will bloom.

The vibration of Gaia is raising steadily, your vibration is raising too and with this shift of the formless essence of your Beings, comes a shift in the physical tangible reality of your Lives.  We can assure you all, that this is a Blessing, a wondrous time of Change.  Be very present as always and see the beauty of this special time in your incarnation.  For this time of transformation will trickle forward into all your lives – this is a powerful time of Great Release, Great Healing, and following – Great Growth.  All will please you – even if all you see now is uncertainty and all you crave is reassurance, let this be your reassurance.  Let this message of love and understanding be the compassion you need.  Let yourself go with the pulse of The Universe in this great shift.  Allow all that you have created from the Soul level to come to be in your life now.  Open your Arms wide to the Universe and feel the abundance of love that is raining down for you to drink.  Relax into it and trust this process.  You are loved beyond measure and supported to no end.  We know this process can be unsettling, but if you can focus on the blessings and trust the momentum of transformation, you may be able to settle in and enjoy the ride.

November can be a great time for release and allowing, with faith in your heart you can enjoy this tender process of change.  It is happening whether you give it your conscious permission or not – so enjoy it as much as possible, resist nothing, and relax into the unknown – which is where the beauty of your life is blooming.

Embrace the Unknown!
In great love, as always, in all ways,
The Council of Light Bringers



Channeled by Brighitta Moser-Clark


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