Can you Guide me towards Abundant Prosperity? Is there a way to align myself with the flow of financial abundance instantly?


We would like you to get off the subject of Money, or Prosperity, or Finances all together, as these topics often pull you away from your Primary Focus and ultimately serve as nothing more than a distraction, often igniting feelings of fear and senses of lack.  None of which are true in this friendly, loving, self-correcting Abundant Universe.

But first let us define what Abundance truly is.  Abundance is having what you need, when you need it.  In the PRESENT Moment.  Not in three weeks, not tomorrow, not even later today – but right now in this very second.  This is a very efficient way to check whether your worry belongs in reality or not – do you have what you need in this very Present Moment of Now?  Are you breathing?  Are you provided for?  Is the Earth supporting your weight?  Can you be Present?  Then you are living an Abundant Life.  Right now, you are Abundant!

If you can be Present fully (and we know this must be sounding like a song on repeat – for it is the answer to all your concerns) you will see that you are always okay, always breathing, always able to choose Peace.  What a divine existence you lead!

Truly, if you have a home that is comfortable, food available to you, clean water to drink, and a little spare change, then you are doing remarkably well on this Planet, you are in the small percentage of people on this Earth that we would truly label as financially wealthy.  Yet are you spiritually rich?  Are you able to Appreciate your divine life, this abundant existence of yours?  Can you list 10, 20, even 50 things you are absolutely whole-heartedly grateful for in your life right now?  Then write this list!  Be grateful for these wonderful blessings.  Feel how very blessed you are!  Write this Thank You letter to Spirit, to the Universe, for the many blessings in your life – count them.  For what you Appreciate, Appreciates!  What you love, grows, what you treasure becomes a greater, grander Treasure.   We are not saying anything that you do not already know.  You know all of this to be true.

Dear Heart, if you are on your path, if you are living your greatest Purpose, which is becoming more Awake, serving this Planet in your natural god-given uniquely wonderful way, if you are aligned with Source and living from your Heart, appreciating your life, then all is so richly bountiful in your life experience.  All is GOLD.  And there can be no lack in your life!  So forget about the bank balance and the bills – you feel this vibration is so much lower than that of your Highest Excitement, Living your Joy, Being Grateful and Generous of Spirit.  Simply stopping to Appreciate all that you are, all that you have, all that you live – that is the path to Prosperity.   That is the instant shift you are able to make on any day.  Reach for your joy, whatever that is, reach for what makes you the most joyous in any moment, and then turn outward in a manner of service to this beautiful world, and you will be living your highest path, your greatest truth, you will be magnetising abundance and living an abundant life and in all of that, you will be raising the vibration of this planet, you will be serving Humanity, you will be full of fulfilment – you will be FULL.  And there is simply no space for Lack in FULLNESS. That is Abundance.  That is Prosperous Living.  That is true Success.   Look at what Gifts you can offer to the World, not in exchange for monetary reward, but for the fulfilment that you feel in the process, for the good it does for the World.  Act from this pure state of Heart-fuelled Being and you will truly be very, very Rich indeed.

We love you.  We support you.  Now Be the Rich Spirit that You Are.


Channeled by Brighitta Moser-Clark

This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit”


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