How can I connect with my own Spirit Guides?

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Connecting to us is much easier than you imagine it to be, it is the most natural occurrence to communicate with your Spirit Guides, and your many Spirit Friends.  For you are Spirit – you are a 5th Dimensional light being briefly occupying a 3rd Dimensional Earth body.  As a Spirit, you are naturally able to communicate easily with other Spirits.  It is logical, easy, and natural for you.  We can not say those three points enough.  It is logical, easy, and natural.

Your Mind and your Ego make this relationship seem much more distant than it truly is.  We watch you and we know that quieting the Mind, or pausing the Ego is no easy feat.  And we are wanting to express to you now, that is an unnecessary feat to hear us, to feel us, to know us.

What you must do is understand the voice of the Mind and take the position of the Observer.  The Observer is there to listen and to witness.  So your Mind can keep on doing what it does, which is often expressing many thoughts at once to you, especially when you have asked for it to be quiet, but all you need do is simply stay in the seat of the Witness.  Familiarise yourself with this seat through activities such as meditation and practicing Presence.  Be the Observer for a little while until it feels quite easy to do.  When the Mind goes, and it will, just watch it – do not go with the thoughts as the dog goes with the scent, just watch the Mind and you will see that after a while it gets quieter and quieter on it’s own.  You are detaching from the clutter of the mental state of being, and thus creating space for our communication to exist.  What is required is a clear channel, a clear tunnel if you can imagine, which is free of cluttered thinking.  In the space between thoughts we appear.

In that space of stillness, of Presence, of Alertness, you may hear us and think it is your Mind.  But keep watching, and you will notice that it is not your Mind generating these thoughts but rather these thoughts are coming from another sphere of vibration – they are entering your Mind, filtering into it from your broader Self, from the part of you that remembers Us.

We will never give you negative thoughts or ill-feeling ideas.  What we express and transmit will feel good to you every time.  It will seem like you are remembering something you have always known, a resonance of vibration will take place and you will resonate in the frequency we are transmitting.  You should feel calm, open, Present, and positive in this interaction.  Likewise, when you communicate with your Angelic friends you will feel all of this but also quite giddy and high, an excited energy will become you.

We communicate with you all the time, but you have not always been conscious of it.  Once you connect with us often, you will get to know our energy signature and thus recognise our voice in your every day doings and beings.  You will know when it is us and when it is you, although the difference is inconsequential.

We transmit information to you in numerous ways, and it really depends on your natural receptivity.  For some visually inclined persons, clairvoyance is the most sensible as their mind is already accustomed to working with the language of images and these truly do paint a thousand words in your mind.  For others that are more attuned to verbal language, a stream of conversation may be transmitted more easily, for others still it is a feeling that takes them over that they are able to understand with vivid details.  It does not matter how you receive, but that you are able to realise you can indeed receive Spiritual Communications.  Everyone is able to do so.

All Human Beings have Spiritual Guidance available to them – Spirit Guides in abundance, Angels present at all times, and of course your many Soul Friends that visit frequently and wish to communicate often.  You are surrounded by love and help is always available to you.

It is up to you to open the door to connection.  An easy practice is meditation, and a relaxed focus.  We find it helpful when our scribe, dear Brighitta, grounds herself to the Earth with her root chakra and follows a flow of energy up her chakra system, imagining a flower opening at each point of energy, until finally at the crown she is aware of a strong bright beam of light that connects her to Source.  We are able to easily communicate with her after this process as it not only opens and clears her Aura and Energy Stream, but also it takes her to a space of total Presence and the act itself serves as an intention to connect – it is a calling card from her that she is ready and receptive.  This simple five-ten minute meditative process is extremely effective.  Be aware that we are always here, we are always available, and it is merely an opening of the door to invite us in to your world.  We are here to serve.  We are here to help.  We are here in total love and respect for your beautiful life.  We support you.  We love you, completely and totally, we love you.  We are here for you, always.  Be in the Here and Now and you will know that we are always here and now with you.


Channeled by Brighitta Moser-Clark

This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit”


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