How can we live as Enlightened Beings? What does Enlightenment look like, what is it really?

Nous Series

You are already Enlightened.  Your Soul is enlightened.  To be an enlightened one, is to be one that is Awake, to be one that has ascended beyond the Ego, transcended the illusion of the Mind, to be one that sees the true nature of life itself.  It is to embrace life itself, fully present, with out judgement, but with love.

It looks like: Pure Beingness, Pure Aliveness, Blissful Presence – it looks like Peace.

It is your Ego that says “I want to be Enlightened” or “I will be Enlightened one day, with a lot of work and practice” or “I am not enlightened”.  These are all false statements.  The truth is you are already enlightened, and you merely need to remember that – to arise to the truth once more, to awaken from the dream.  The dream is the idea of the ‘little me’ – there is no ‘me’ only One.  The truth is the essence of what connects all living things.  It is living from the indwelling God, from the aspect that is eternal and all-knowing, all-loving, and all-things seen and unseen.  It is the known and the unknowable.

You can live as this truth by first learning / remembering / understanding what being at Peace truly means, what does that feel like?  To be One with the Whole – to be blissfully part of the Ocean of Life – to be not only the drop in the Sea of the Universe but to realise you are the Universe – and so is everyone else you encounter.  To live in this way gives you an understanding, you are able to see through the eyes of Source – you live as an Awakened Being.  You allow life to be as it is, you are able to transform it still but in a way that is fluid, not resistant.  To forget you are an Enlightened One is to live as a rock.  To remember that you are Awake is to be water.  Fluid, easy, flowing, serene.

Your Soul knows.  Your Ego must sleep so you may Awaken.

Once you get a glimpse of this – once you are truly Present – you can never forget again, although you can pretend, the truth will always be there just under the surface.  The trick is to remember in all ways.  In all moments.  You Awaken from the Dream, you not only See the Truth but you Are the Truth.

Be your Soul.  Be One with God, Be One with your neighbour, Be One with your trees, Be One with your Body, Be One with your Breath, Be One with your state of Presence.  Being the One is Being Awake.  It looks kind, it looks generous, it looks like love, it looks like compassion, it looks like reverence.  It looks like a life that is no longer concerned with the little me and my but with the whole One and Our.

It is a state of complete Presence.  It is being available to Life.

It is beyond identity.  It is above thought.  It is a vibration.  It is a state of Being.  Enlightened is what you Are.

The true state of Enlightenment can not be explained with language.  It is a state of Being.  It is Pure.  It is Spirit itself.  It is stillness, and it is the magic in the stillness.  It is the silence and the poetry of the one who listens to this silence.  It is no-thing-ness and all that is.  It is to be in light.  It is to lighten.  It is to spark light with your knowing.  That is why people have always flocked to those that are Awake – their Light sparks an Awakening in others.  It is not conceptual, it is Spiritual.  It is not that which can be spoken.  It is what is not…

It is the You of you.


Channeled by Brighitta Moser-Clark
The image above is from my series “Nous” – see more at
This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit”


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