Your Life is a Divine Sculpture

Watch this space. Watch it transform as you do. Watch what happens when you sit, listen, record.  A funnel of light, of energy, is over you, delivering Spirit in manifested form – it is shaped by your desires, moulded by your expectations, and arrives through your allowing of it.  It is impressed by you.  You are the expression of this energy by your own unique blueprint, in this way Spirit sees itself. Each of you are divine expressions, dancing and summoning in your own special ways – and because of this, Spirit expands it’s own consciousness by way of your co-creation with it.  There only ever is the highest most positive substance flowing to you down the spiral funnel, it is entirely up to you what to make of this substance.  What will you impress upon it?  What will you allow it to be?  In it’s very nature, it holds the unlimited potential, it can literally be moulded into any form you choose. What are you choosing dear Heart? What are you allowing your self to experience?  Your life is a Divine Sculpture – Source is the clay, you are the sculptor.

You are the creators born of the Creator.  This is what has been told to you when you hear “God made man in his image”.  God is not human.  God is pure love, pure potential, the most inventive, elaborate, extravagant artist of all. What better invention than to create endless souls of creators?  Everything holds this powerful creative energy, that is the ‘mysterious way’ of God’s work.  So now you understand the mystery.  You know you are truly a divine creation and a divine creator.  What will you create now?


Channeling and Photograph by Brighitta Moser-Clark

This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit”



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