How can we raise our frequency, our light quotient? How can I increase my vibration and achieve a new state of Being?


Nature is perhaps the easiest way of all to ‘lift your Spirits’ and raise your frequency.  We want to point out that you are not actually raising your frequency, but you are simply allowing it to rise back to it’s natural state, which is enlightened.  That is why being surrounded by nature has the ability to instantly transform you from grumpy to quite peaceful, that is why people often breathe a deep sigh of relief when sitting in nature’s lap.  Nature is full of positive Spirit energy and so are you.  Your Ego-Mind is often focused in such a way that your vibration is diminished, and an unnatural unhappiness comes over you. It is a heavy state, a darkened Aura.  It is as if you are cloudy, a thick fog has entered your Being.  When you are in nature, this lifts and your natural light becomes more radiant.  A state of presence is best, as then there is no distracting voice in the head to keep you from full harmony with your vibrant, uplifting surroundings.

Breathing consciously is a very simple and easy way to increase your vibration as well, breathing deep deep deep within to your sacral chakra, allowing your belly to grow with the breath and then following that same breath outward as your lungs empty, feel the bottom of your lungs emptying.  Take attention to the small space in between the outward and the inward breath.  Feel the calm centre that lives within you.

A new state of Being is achieved every day – when you first wake up, set your intention to living this new day fully and Being Present for it fully, in this you are achieving a wonderful new state of being continuously.  Take these moments of stillness, of blissful peace with you – seek those spaces that inspire the still peacefulness, even if it is the internal space of meditation, and take this with you to your day.  Keep this peace in your heart and your awareness on it.  If every person living on your planet did this simple practice, all wars would cease.  Given enough time, all hunger would end, as from this space you are clear minded and as generous as God.  For in this space you embody your God-Self.  From the space of Oneness no other can be harmed, for your expanded consciousness thinks not of the little-me but only of the whole.  This is the awakened movement.  So walking in the park and being still with the trees, connecting with your heart and being the Peace, is very important work indeed.  It is more important than any job – for if it proceeded all other duties you hold, those duties would be fulfilled with the utmost love and would bring even more love back into your life.  All actions done from this space bring harmony, love, and light to the world.

Channeling and Photography by Brighitta Moser-Clark

This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit”


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