On Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving – the simplicity of these two words together is beautiful and easily overlooked.  It means to offer up your Thanks, to give it freely, and to give also thankfully, for having love to give, having time to give, having Presence to give to another, is something to be truly Thankful for.

On this day, and on all days, we ask – what are you Thankful for?

What do you have to give in a spirit of Thanksgiving?  What can you offer to others, with the spirit of thankfulness in your heart?  What do you have in such abundance that you can you give generously, thankfully?

To be filled with the essence of Gratitude, is to magnify all that is good in your life and to make all that is good into all that is plentiful.  A true grace is appreciation for what you have in the present, for the many blessings of your life, for your family, for your friends, for the love in your heart, for the blood in your veins – for life itself!

To be filled with Thanks is to be full of Prayer – a direct gift to Spirit.  Thanksgiving is to praise and kiss the very essence of your life.  To be on your knees with thanks is the most beautiful and splendid feeling – appreciating all that is, and all the wonder that is your life.  On Thanksgiving Day, a vibration of gratitude lingers in the air over anyone that practices the ritual of Thanks and it is tangible, it is healing and light and bliss to us.  Gratitude cleanses your heart of any lackful emotions and fills you instead with feelings of great Peace and Blessedness.  Giving thanks can lead to giving to others, for to be truly rich in Spirit is to realise you are rich in life, and when one is truly rich in life, one is compelled to share this bounty with others.  Be it sharing your joy, or your love, or your patience, or your open heart, or your light, or your presence, or your money – it matters not what the it is, but that the Spirit of this energy fills you, and you open the door to this abundant river of energy by being thankful for what you have right now.

So we ask you now, what are you truly, overwhelmingly grateful for?  Can you praise your life so much that you feel the need to kiss the sky in your gratitude?  This is the feeling we wish for you.  This is a theme we wish you to carry forward into each blessed day – count your blessings and appreciate them Dear Ones.  Your life will be richer each day for this simple, blessed practice.  Let it fill you until you overflow, and let those around you benefit from this succulent, rapturous joy that pours forth from your very Being, this sort of love for life is wonderfully contagious.

In rivers of rich thanks,
Your Guides and Angels

Channeling and Photography by Brighitta Moser-Clark




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