December 2014 – Insights & Guidance: A Grateful Heart

December 2014 – Insights & Guidance.

The Theme for this month is A Grateful Heart

As this year draws to a close, we ask that you look back over the events that most satisfied you and most delighted you, holding a feeling of awe and a recognition of limitlessness, with a grateful heart for the many blessings this year has so richly bestowed upon you.

For although we normally ask you to be very grounded in the present here and now, we guide you at this time of your calendar year to reflect and to bring the grace and abundant essence of gratitude into this moment – for there is no better vibration to marinate in as one year ends and another begins.  We want you to know that as you increase your light and joy in this feeling of increasing appreciation this month, that by the last days of this year as you cast your gaze towards the beginning of another, you will focus this magnitude of appreciation forward and pave the way for even more blessings, love, and joy to flow forth into your life.  This is the best vibration to complete one cycle, and the best place in which to plant seeds of intention as you begin a new year.

We ask that as you take your eyes backwards over the year that is now drawing to a close, that you not search for the trouble, but instead focus passionately on the marvellous treasures, bringing each to the forefront of your mind in rich detail, and savour them, one by one.  Remember that there was a time when you had wished for some of those things – when they were only a dream in the un-manifested formless yet they have now come to fruition, and acknowledge how wonderful it is that you have new dreams.  We want you to see how life is always asking you to dream another dream, as it delivers into the manifested form – for almost as soon as one dream comes true, another is born.  The pleasure does not need to exist in only the manifesting of the dream, but in the formless existence of it as well.  We want your mind to be aware of this everlasting dance of dreams and we want you to see how many blessings just one year can contain.  For this next year coming has even greater potential for joy and abundant living, and the way to create a year even greater then this one is to be grateful in your heart for the many blessings and dreams you are already experiencing in the here and now before looking ahead to dream another dream for the future.  We want you to find this vibration of true appreciation, and to let it linger in your heart, each day of this month as a practice – look for the joy present in your life and reflect on the best parts of what this year held for you.  This practice will serve you now and it will carry forward powerfully into your later.   For a feeling of gratitude, a truly grateful heart, will give you new eyes in which to view the world – these eyes will look for beauty, and they will find it, they will look for magic and kindness and love and riches, and they will find those also.  Those eyes and that powerful heart will magnify the good around you and your life will reflect this way of seeing, your world will transform.  This way of seeing is healing, uplifting, and aligned with how we see.  We wish for you this experience and understanding and encourage your Grateful Heart Practice.  Write out your blessings and refer to them later, whenever you need a reminder of the plentiful good present in your life.  This is a beautiful ritual for all Decembers, for all days in fact, but especially at this time of year when the focus can be on the material wants, and the looking ahead – we ask that this year you do not look for holes in your life to fill but rather notice how full your life already is.  It will serve you well.

Enjoy this time of celebration and inward focus, and we wish for all the joy and love in the world to be ever more apparent to you as the days go by Dear Ones.  Happy December, make the most of the ever-present good all around you.

In great love,
The Council of Light Bringers


Channeled by Brighitta Moser-Clark



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