Rainbow and Crystal Children…

Rainbow near a waterfall, Iceland, Golden Circle.

 Can you tell me about Rainbow and Crystal Children?  Is this a real thing, that higher evolved souls are coming in?  Do Rainbow Children really have no karma or previous incarnations as I’ve read?

Indeed the children that have been coming to Earth in waves of generations have each been bringing special highly evolved gifts for the evolution of Humanity.  They have come in stages, steadily increasing the vibration of Humanity as a whole.

The Crystal and Rainbow Archetypes are imprints of energy from Source, for the new ones coming to incarnate now as this is what is needed.  The already Advanced Soul is given this extra imprint to fulfil this grand purpose to see Humanity’s next leap in evolution, which is a leap in Consciousness. Only Advanced Souls will come for the next 3-5 years [2015-2020] to tip the balance of energy. Then after this time they will be able to influence the younger souls coming in, and the Earth will be free for all sorts of Souls to incarnate here again.  For the time being, it will be protected to assure the success of this Awakening. This will uplift the entire vibration of the planet as a whole.  It will be known as the Age of Lightness, or The Light Ages.

Although all of these coming Souls will have this imprint, not all will be able to carry it through their entire lives as the pure imprinted vibration, for this state of Being will require quite specific nurturing.  It is very important that the little ones coming receive this nurturing Love from those like you, those that are aware and anchoring the light already are the ones to keep this pure vibration going.  Nurture beyond your own children, nurture all children that come into contact with you – you don’t have to say anything, but Be the one to see their potential, see their core, see that they are gifts from Spirit for this time, see this within them and you will nurture this aspect in every child you come across.

The Rainbows have incarnated before, but not necessarily on Earth.  They will feel pure and as if they haven’t for their energy is so clear and so in love with the newness that the Earth will be to them.  Their vibration is very very high and their Aura has all the colours of the rainbow shimmering through it. They will stir an Enlightenment here – they are teachers, gurus for you and if you look at them as such your growth will be even more rapid.  Remember though, they are children and will have qualities of human children too of course.  They are here to help the wold ascend, awaken, and progress.  They are energy workers, born very wise, and they are even more eager and excited to come to you then you are to receive them. You will expand a million-fold in their presence, and no matter how much you are able to give to them, they will always give you more. You will teach them and they will teach you more.  You will love them and they will love you more.  It seems impossible from your perspective, but such is the bigness of their hearts and the love of their souls.  They are giddy and light, like Angels, for they hold Angelic vibrations.


Channeling and Photography by Brighitta Moser-Clark


This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit”



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