As an offering and a thank you to all who read and contribute energetically to this blog, I’m offering New Year Readings at a discount for the next month…

Book before the 15th of January to save 40% on a Reading with your Spirit Guides and Angels, and to get a little guidance for the year ahead!  I am happy to do Readings over Skype or in London.  Just email me to book 🙂

1 hour Reading£60 £36
An hour of channeling and communicating with your Spirit Guides and Angels to bring you clarity and guidance, these sessions usually end up as a form of Spiritual Therapy.  What you bring to the Reading really matters!   I invite you to assemble a list of questions before hand for your Guides and Angels to answer as this really helps to focus the energy and brings more clarity to the reading.  It’s my hope that you will leave our time feeling uplifted and full of love from your many Spirit Friends, and hopefully able to connect to this realm more easily yourself.  This can include an Angel Card Reading if appropriate or desired to get a feel for what themes 2015 will have for you.  We will have plenty of time for your questions and I encourage you to put a short list together before our session.

30 minute Reading£35  £21
This is a more condensed reading, but still allows plenty of time for Guidance to come through and answers to questions you might have.

15 minute Angel Card Reading£20  £12
This is great for a specific question or topic that you would like a mix of Angel Cards as well as Intuitive Guidance on – this is done over Skype or Email only.

Email Reading£10 per question £6 per question
Using automatic writing, I will channel answers to your questions.  All manner of questions are welcome.

I’m wishing you all very happy holidays and a New Year full of lavishly abundant blessings! 

More info…


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