What do we look like to you?

We see energy – we see the bright light of souls, sometimes dimmer, sometimes so big and luminous, pulsing, flickering, living, breathing, vibrating beings of light.  Your body is too small to contain your whole essence.  Your light energy radiates out like a nebulous cloud – the energy surrounding you not only reflects your individuality, your unique pulsing fingerprint, but it also serves as a blueprint for your life, it contains all that is you, was you, and is becoming you.  We see a glimmering, radiant kaleidoscope when we look at you.  Your rays spreading farer and wider than you can possibly know now.

We see 7 billion suns on your world.  Your hopes, dreams, lessons, contracts, destinies, magnetism, all breathe in this light and draw in towards you that which serves this multi-faceted blueprint of your soul.  When your body dies it’s physical death, this light, the you of you, will return again to the light plane – you will see the rainbows in each soul, the spectrum each carries – shining always in a unique combination of radiant, vibrant light.

Your aura not only attracts what serves you on this physical plane – it reveals to us, your Angels and Spirit Guides, who you are and which of us can best help you on this journey in every momentary step.  With out being conscious of this light, all Humans choose which other Humans to interact with, based on this other energy field.  You are drawn to those emitting complimentary colours, variations of your sacred tune.  You each have harmonic waves also that emanate from you with your light – you sound like wonderfully enchanted Tibetan Bowls.  This also helps you to find the right “band mates” – others that compliment and expand your song.  Of course this frequency is what leads you from one life to Spirit and back again. The hum of creation leading you…ommmmmm… it is utterly delicious music of the Source.

If you were to photograph the realm of Spirit, it would remind you of the images of The Universe.  A vast sea of evolving energy, colourful clouds of matter, shining balls of light, coalescing forms of pure, expanding energy.  A picture of this would serve you so well. You would see infinity. You would grasp your eternal flame.  You would understand yourself.  You would never again be afraid. You would know Spirit.  You would see God.

Channeling and Photography by Brighitta Moser-Clark


This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit”



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