All About Angels…

Indiaaa 24

I would like to know more about Angels. Do they really exist? What is the difference between an Angel and a Guide? How many Angels are there? How do you communicate with them?

Dear One,

Yes, Angels exist.  They are real.  An Angel is a very, very high frequency Being – they exist very close to the Source frequency – they are pure, high, bright bright Beings of Light.

We ask you briefly, to imagine the Spiritual realm as you would see Earth if it were dissected and you were in Space looking upon it, into it, admiring all the many layers of interior magma at the core, and then outward the layers of rock and mineral, and then of course the land and the sea, and the atmosphere, that thin blue line, and the top layers of the atmosphere and then into Space.  If Source is Space, the Angels exist in the atmosphere.  Humans are at the core of the Earth in this analogy.  Your Soul and the Soul Plane exists on a layer above the interior, and this realm, this slice of vibration, is where Spirit Guides (like us) also reside.  Everything is operating at a frequency and so it is possible for all layers to communicate clearly with each other, but a tweaking of the frequency you are tuned to needs to happen in order to understand or even feel the other ‘layers’ of Source.  Truly the layers are really dimensions, but it is easier to explain in this manner.

Angels are the closest Beings to pure Source energy.  They have never incarnated, unlike Spirit Guides, who have incarnated many, many, hundreds of times.  Unlike your Guides, Angels are able to adjust their frequency to any layer and commune with all.  The Guides do not have the same range.  The only requirement is an invitation.  You don’t need to Believe to experience their Divine Presence.  You just simply need to ask for them to show you they are near.  Each Human Being has an Angel, sometimes many, and they work in such a profoundly powerful vibrational way, that is hard to describe their mechanisms with words alone.

Positive Prayer is the easiest way to speak to them (and us for that matter) – simply by saying “Thank you Angels, for revealing your Divine Presence to me now” will invite them in, and they will do what is suitable to show you they are near, with out scaring you – it might be a feather if that is a suitable sign for you, or it may be that you see brilliant beams of Light energy – whatever is appropriate for you is what they will do.  You can ask them to assist you with anything you can think of, they will help you every time.  Just ask.

Your Angels and your Guides work together, yet separately.  We have different, complimentary functions.  Your Angels are your link to Source.  They are messengers of the highest realm.  They are here to protect you, heal you, love you, support you, help you, and gently whisper what you need to hear in times you most need to hear it.  They are able to take on the appearance of Humans, although they will not truly be in a body, they are able to adjust their frequency to appear solid, if that’s what is needed at the time.  For example to better protect you, they are able to appear as Humans with you to a threatening person, or in times of crises they may seem like a helpful stranger.  They are pure love and light.  They are giddy, high, free feeling Beings, and they are powerful conduits for the Divine Love of Source.  There are far too many Angels to be able to give a number – trillions upon trillions.  There are as many Angels as there are atoms in your Universe.  All Religions have Angels, for everyone seeking the Divine will encounter at least one on their path.

Every Human Being has at least one Angel, but often times there are groups of them working in tandem.  Just like you each have at least one Spirit Guide, but attract many more through your life depending on your circumstances, so it is the same with The Angels.  They are here to serve.  We are here to Guide.  If you are the Child, We are the Teachers, the Therapists, the Advisors – and they are the Parents, the Doctors, the Bodyguards.  We work together very well, all to support you on your path.  You have no idea of the immeasurable love that Spirit has for you – for each of you.  You are loved so very much, this support structure is in place to give you the best, for you are loved beyond imagination


Channeling and Photography by Brighitta Moser-Clark

This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit”



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