Insights and Guidance for January 2015 and The New Year

Dearest Ones,

A new year brings a sense of hope and reflection that we wish for you to take forward longer than the brief transition of time between one year and the next.  There is a tangible increase in your vibration at this time that invites positive energy into your life, to manifest in every which way.

Rather than close the door to this powerful wave of energy, we ask you to keep it open now.  You do this by keeping your Heart open, emitting radiant love and allowing that energy to magnify and return to you.  There is more light gently washing the Earth now, softly releasing what no longer serves and cleaning that which does, making your lives sparkle in the process.  We invite you to do the same at this time of activation and release, as this light energy is assisting you in releasing the old and activating the new dreams you hold for yourself.   You can contribute to this energy in many ways, be that physically cleaning your home, emotionally letting go of harmful feelings, thoughts, or judgements, or spiritually cleansing your aura and entire Being – you are all being washed in the light of Peace now and it will carry away all that you wish to release.  This light is helping you to create more space in all areas of your life for goodness to arise and grow.   Some emotions or thoughts may feel uncomfortable as they arise, but just allow them to surface and wash away – do not cling to them or bury them as they come.  This is a global healing for the New Year, for a new dawn is rising in Humanity’s collective consciousness.  Those that are open to it will benefit most and will assist the process by being clear conduits for this loving peaceful light to flow.

Your Presence is needed now Dearest Ones – your radiant hearts, your light bodies – you are channels for the Light, magnifiers of the Love, and cultivators of the Awakening.  2015 sees more people gently waking up and vibrational frequencies increasing.  Babies coming now will be anchors of the rainbow frequency, increasing the quotient of light in Humanity, which is your ability and your vibrational space to hold more light.  In effect, you are now creating space within yourselves for this incredible increase – it is as if you are going from 20 watt to 200 watt light bulbs, for Shine the Light you do.  We want you to be aware of this wonderful gift that you inherently possess, and for your light to illuminate your own paths this year.  Your work on this planet is so very important, so supported by Spirit, and a blessing for all.

This year, we ask that you notice your light more often, for it is the light of Source within you.  We invite you to ground yourself within this light, to occupy that state, and from there to be Present and available to this world and to your lives.  You all have mighty flames to ignite the awakening in others.  It begins in love, with peace, and soft still knowing.  We thank you Dear Ones for your Presence here at this time, and we assure you a year of increasing joy and lightness.  Be present for it!  You are the spark.  You were made to shine!   Know that we are with you in this divine purpose, and many are radiating love and light to your world from the higher realms.  You are loved!  Each of you – you are love.

In vast galaxies of crystalline energy,
The Light Bringers

Channeled by Brighitta Moser-Clark

Happy New Year to all! ❤


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