We Are In The Wind


We are in the wind, and the bird song, and the rays of golden sunshine. We pulse in your heart, we live behind your eyes, we are the energy of every cell in your body, every cell of the Universe, every particle in all of existence.

We are every single thing seen and unseen. We can never be separated for we are the space in the separation.

You are forever a part of this pulsing collective force, and streams of plenty must always flow to you in all ways for you sweet one, yes sweet one reading these words, you are the funnel to spread the abundant energy of Source.  You are here to wake up the others, to remind them that they can never be alone!

Do you see?  The idea that “you” and “we” are separate is only an idea – it exists for the purpose of finding your way back, for the rapturous joy of discovering that this idea is an illusion.  It provides you with soul lessons and growth as you re-discover your connection, your belonging.  As you examine ideas that do not serve you, you learn that you get to choose which ideas do serve your life experience here on the beautiful co-created stage of Earth. We want you to know that you are us.  We are you.

Do you see?  We are one vibrating pulsing light, one mass of crystalline energy.  If we are the light house, you are the beam.  How do you separate the Source of light from the beam?  Now you see! We have one mission together now, to call others home with this light.  Call them back to their Self, to their knowing, to their Source of light so they may be a beam as well.  Shine, shine, shine, dear One, your purpose is to light the way!  Together we are one beacon.  One Source of light.

We are One.


Channeling and Photography by Brighitta Moser-Clark


This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit” – I invite questions of Universal curiosity, so if you have one in mind, please send it in!



One thought on “We Are In The Wind

  1. @2createreality says:

    That is so beautiful! Thank you. I wish everyone could read that. I would love to hear more about crystalline energy and DNA. How is crystalline energy different? Is our DNA changing into Crystalline DNA from Carbon DNA as I’ve heard Matt Kahn speak of? Can we feel this physically in our lower back or spine? How long might this transformation take?
    Thank you again for your loving words.


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