Realizing our Life’s Purpose

The subject of Life Purpose is a key component for the Awakening and Spiritual Ascension that is gaining momentum here on Earth.  Many are asking this question, “What is my Life Purpose?”  for it is a seeker’s question.  It is essentially in the same spirit of the question, “Why Am I Here?” – which every Human will ask at one point on the journey of life.  The answer is simple: You Are Here.

Your Soul wanted to incarnate once again and chose the Earth as the platform for expansion and play, for all the love and the joy and experience that the Earth uniquely offers.  Your purpose is like a lotus flower blooming, one petal at a time, opening to the Divine.  Your true purpose is that which makes your heart sing.

Your primary purpose for Being is to Be.  We know this might be an over-simplified answer to the question you are asking.  Yet it is very simple indeed.  Why am I here?  Because I Am Here.  The I AM in this statement is God.  That is your primary purpose Dear One: to Be, to know, to feel your Self awaken to the Divine within.  For you are Divine.  This is the same for all who come to this planet.  Your primary purpose is to awaken and during this time of ascension, of the flower opening to the light that shines upon it, many ask, “But why? But what?  But who?  But how?” – your unique life purpose comes from your Soul.  It is that which is in harmony with the pure vibration of your unique Soul essence.  We know this sounds obscure, but it is not.  This vibration of your Soul sings through your heart.  The melodies of your life purpose play in your Heart’s many chambers like an Organ in a beautiful, grand cathedral – the harmonics finely tuned to take you to a pure state of presence and joy and feeling.

Your unique purpose in life will come very naturally to you.  It is not a puzzle one must figure out.  It is that which draws your attention, which holds your focus, which enlivens your spirit.  It is that which brings you joy, fulfilment, and gives you energy.  It is that which makes you smile in mere contemplation of it.  It is that which you positively obsess over.  It is that which expands your consciousness.  It is that which feels right and good, for your purpose is right and good – uniquely to you, it is your gift, your inherent ability.  It is the most logical, sensible, reasonable act.  Many know their life purpose, yet spend their time doing jobs and work that does not bring them this heart-singing melody.  They do it because they believe they must in order to fulfil their financial needs and we say, do not let money be the reason the world is denied the gift that your purpose would bring to it.  For your purpose is a gift to the world, it is something the world is seeking, it is something the world is asking for.  Your life purpose, that which makes your heart sing, also brings this beautiful and unique song to the ears of others.  Spirit supports this fully, for it is for the highest good of all that you shall fulfil your purpose.

There is a trust that is involved.  A stepping out onto this invisible bridge, trusting that it is there, yet not being able to see it and not demanding that you must see it before you take the step, for only in taking the step do you discover it’s presence.  This time of Spiritual Ascension and Awakening is a time that demands Trust and Faith in the support and the love of Spirit.  To truly ascend requires letting go of the old paradigm of fear and embracing fully the knowledge of God’s love and abundance, and support.  In order for you to fulfil your primary purpose and your unique life purpose, you must embody this trust, this faith, for both your primary purpose and your life purpose are spiritual at their base – no matter what they look like, spiritual job or not – it is all Spirit at work, it is all Source answering the call.   You are the vehicle from which Source answers and if you take the foot off the brake, even just riding in neutral, Source will push your vehicle and guide it with a beautiful flow – that is trust.  Lifting your foot and putting it on the gas is faith.  It is knowing that you are going in the right direction, that at every turn there will be clear signs that Spirit has placed on your trail just for you.  You can not get lost, you can not run out of gas, you do not need a map.  Just follow the next sign that you see on the road.  Your life purpose is opening to you as the lotus flower blooms, it is your path.  It is your life!  That is why we say the reason you are here, is because you are here.  Why am I here?  Because I AM.

Allow yourself the pleasure, the joy, the love and the fulfilment of following this beautiful lotus path. It has been created specifically for you and it enhances your primary purpose.  These two purposes – we will not call them primary and secondary but primary and specific purpose, for the primary is shared by all of Humanity and the other is just for you.

There is much love and exuberance to be felt by opening up to your purpose.  You will know you are on the right track when you feel free and happy and relaxed and your Heart sings in the work that you do, and your heart SINGS in the Being that you Be.  It is not complicated sweet ones.  You will feel a clicking into place when you are on the right trail.  You will feel a resonance, a divine recognition on a Soul level.  You will experience doors opening, a magic will grace your life, support and signs and new friends and opportunities, and new joy, new levels of joy will open up to you.  There is no resistance on that path, there is no reason not to follow it.  Only you can know when you are on it.  Although when you are, those around you will wonder what you’ve been up to – why has life opened so easily to you?  And why are doors opening all around you?  The truth is because you have found the most non-resistant path, and you yourself are in a state of surrender to that path, you have opened to your Self.

You are the vehicle for Spirit to answer the call.  Your unique life purpose is an answer to the call of Humanity.

We are all Here truly to live lives of service, in the most purely non-egoic way.  The Soul lives to experience life in the means of service, and in turn this serves their life purpose.  It is an important and vital seeking, to ask: why am I here?  And it is vital that you understand the answer that comes:  I Am Here.  For you are God and God is here, within you.  The Divine lives within you.  Waking up to this is your first call, and your second is to serve the will of this divine, guiding, loving, supportive, effervescent Presence.  There is a poetry in this design.  First one must wake up to this light that lives within them, and then one must follow this light, allowing it to illuminate their trail.  The result is a life that feels blissful and easy and abundant and magical, and a Soul that feels enlightened and purposeful and expansive!  You are answering the call by asking the question.  We praise you and we thank you.  And we are Here with you.

Channeling and Photography by Brighitta Moser-Clark

This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit” – I invite questions of Universal curiosity, so if you have one in mind, please send it in!



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