The Law of Attraction and The Awakening

I would like to know about the Law of Attraction and how it fits in with The Awakening. Does visualising material desires just increase ones attachment to them or is it a useful tool in manifestation? What is the best way to draw positive things in to my life or do I actually have no control anyway? Is it a good idea to let yourself desire things you do not have, or should you focus on the present moment – the idea that everything is exactly as it is meant to be? Is the desire all based in the egoic mind and in an illusion of the future being better than the present?  Should you try to lift your own vibration by reaching for a better thought or doing certain “processes” to turn your thoughts around, or is it actually all about just excepting what is and being with it?

Dearest One,

Awakening and Law of Attraction can (and do) work together.  On your path towards Awakening, you magnetise many experiences and Teachers that contribute greatly to the unfolding lotus of your enlightenment.

The Law of Attraction is simply a force, like Gravity, that is always on and always working.  You can use this force deliberately, consciously, to create much good for yourself and others.  There is nothing wrong with using this powerful force to bring to yourself all that you dream of and desire.  We have encouraged this many times in fact –  Spirit or Source is an energy that flows forth to you and is able to be transformed and moulded by your free will, impressed and shaped by your energy into form – Source experiences itself in infinite ways because of this delicious process of co-creation.  You have control in as much as what you are putting out is what you are getting back – your life is a reflection of your state of Being, and you can control your state of Being.  The material world is denser and thicker in it’s vibration and therefore it comes into Being last – you emanate a constant vibration that changes with your focus, with your emotions.  This is true whether you are conscious of it or not, whether you are awake or asleep, it’s happening just the same.

We understand what you are truly asking – what is really churning in your mind is whether it is possible to be Enlightened and still have desire – whether it is possible to be on your primary path of Awakening in life, and still be one who thrives in the material world by conscious creation and manifestation.  And the answer is yes.  Yes of course you can be fully Present, fully Enlightened, and fully thriving in your life experience.  You are a divine spark of God-force, you are Spirit, and you are living on a physical plane where all matter is available to manifest as a reflection of your state of Being, of your consciousness.

If you understand the Law of Attraction, you know that life mirrors your inner state, and it mirrors it in a much more pleasing way when you hold the least amount of resistance about it.  Being fully Present and at peace with the moment is the most non-resistant state and from there it is indeed possible and easy to create whatever you are choosing.  Will your choices be different from this state of non-resistance?  Indeed they will be, for your desires in this blissful state of true peace and stillness are desires that benefit the whole, and you are able to easily create from the depths of this surrender.  The motivation for creation is altered in this state, but the ability greatly increased.

Your vibration is at it’s highest in the state of peaceful presence and alert stillness.  This is a calm and centered vibration and it is very stable and maintainable.  From here you are witness to an extra dimension that has always existed but rarely been noticed, this is Awakening – you are Awake to this dimension, this energy of Life.  It is awe inspiring, it is full, it is joyous.

You can from here visualise that which you are wanting, but it is in fact not required for the process of manifestation.  A desire may come to you, and once aware of it, you can acknowledge it and move towards it in a state of presence.  When one is Present, a knowing of what to do or what action to take is clear, and the state of Being Present brings things so rapidly to you that often your action is the last piece of the puzzle and will be obvious.  None of this contradicts Enlightenment.

When outside of the moment, and listening to the egoic pattern of thoughts (which are typically a longing for some future that will not come) visualising desires from this state can create unhealthy attachments for the cravings of the ego are often unhealthy in nature.  There is a difference here.  We suggest coming to Presence first and always first, and from here creating or simply Being one with life, and in the moment creativity arises, going with it in a continued state of Presence.  There are no rules dear One, and we want you to have all that you desire.  We know it is so easy and so much easier for you then you believe it to be.  If a desire is not coming to manifest, ask yourself from where it came – did it come to you as inspiration from your Soul or did it come to you from the ego-mind?  In Presence, the Soul does not demand a creation to manifest instantly, for it is happy in the moment and knowing all that will be, will Be.  The ego is a rather demanding companion however, and loves to long for what it does not have.  The ego looks always to the Past or the Future, while the Soul is always very much in the Present.  The ego loves to say  “I did such and such” or “I will have such and such” while the Soul loves to say “I am being this” or  “I am doing that” – do you see the difference?  One is complimenting the state of enlightenment and one argues with it – one lives in the moment and one looks to escape it.

We love to remind you that your Soul is already Enlightened, so to be Enlightened in Life, one must simply align with their own Soul.  The desires that bubble up from the Soul are often guiding lights, pointing you towards things that will spark Soul Contracts, lead to expansive Soul evolution, and greater experiences of love, of Spirit, of the world.  Your Soul is here having this conversation because at one time, it desired to live again – your Soul is thrilled to be here, to be alive, and to be able to create physical experiences of life itself, for it is life itself.

Enjoy creation dear One, for it is there to celebrate in joy!  It is there to play with and experience and enhance your life experience.  Be one with your Soul and enjoy all that comes to Be, that is the key.

Channeling and Photography by Brighitta Moser-Clark


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