I would like to know more about Conception…
Does one have control over when it will happen, or is the timing down to the Baby’s Soul Plan? Does the Baby’s Spirit have a spot on time that it has chosen to incarnate? What makes a woman broody? What is the best way to aid conception?

The timing of conception is an intricate answer, for it is a dance between the child’s soul, the Contracts this child has made, and your wishes, your desires, your readiness to receive the child.  The child comes when they are ready, but also the child watches in the wings to come when they know you are ready – for you have Contracts that must be fulfilled prior to conception.  The child, the incoming Soul, has their own Contracts to fulfil.  Most of these Contracts have an element of time attached to them, in that meetings with other Souls must occur at certain points along the line of time.  However, there is flexibility within this.  So in answer to your question, you don’t have so much control –  but what you do have is the ability to invite the Soul into your life, with an Open Heart and Open Arms.  Wanting from the very beginning what is best for this little Soul, this brilliant spark of light, will create within you a Peace about when that Soul decides to incarnate.  For if you truly want what is best for the Soul, you will understand that the timing is included in what is best for the Soul.  It is not, what is best for you.  Having a child is a great lesson in generous giving, in placing another’s needs before your own, in allowing and being in that flow of life you learn how to surrender, and that is exactly what we advise you to do – surrender.  Be easy, and open, and TRUST that all is as it was meant to be.  Trust in the divine timing.  Release control.  This Dear One, is perhaps the most difficult lesson all parents must learn: how to release control, how to surrender.  Truly, it is a lesson in letting go.

What you can do to aid conception is relax and enjoy the plentiful fun that you can have in the process of creating new life, and appreciate your partner fully.  Connect with them in their heart space and focus together on the Soul that you’re inviting into your lives.  What we are advising is conscious conception.  This means being fully present and aware and intending for this consciousness to come forth through you, for it does not come from you, it flows through you.  You get to be the channel for this new life to manifest.  We invite you to enjoy the process to have fun in these pre-baby days. Travel if you wish, or go and do the things that will not have time to do later.  You will never have more time than you have now, so use this time and use it well.  Enjoy all of the time that you have.  Use it for anything that excites you.  In fact it would be wise to be fully Present in this time and not lost in what might be or what is coming but fully in the now.  Meditate and listen to your body, give it what it needs, for your child is not only created physically out of what you give your body during pregnancy, but it is created from the vibration and the food and the nurturing you give to yourself in the months prior to conception.  So use this time to take good care of yourself and to do those things that you wish to do.  Practice the Art of Presence.  Enjoy the blissful moments of Being.  Love your partner, for your love grows and invites your children in a very profound way – it signals to them how ready you are.  Your children are of a very high-frequency.  They have rainbow light surrounding their auras, they are imprinted with this special quality that is required on the Earth at this time.  What they need are calm, peaceful, loving, nurturing parents – a soothing soft landing onto this Earth, and you are more than capable of giving them this. All is unfolding at the perfect divine time.

The way the beginning of life works is as thus: the Soul of your child knows, as does your Guide, that the time for birth is approaching.  It does not sense this in years or days or months, but it senses a soon-ness, an eagerness and a preparation that is occurring in the Spiritual Realm.  You receive a little hit that perhaps a Child would be nice in your life, this little hit normally comes well in advance of the time of actual conception, to give you plenty of time for preparation for we know on Earth, you like to prepare for things.  We know that Humans, as a race, tend to resist change and so they like to have plenty of Earth days to prepare for any such changes.  There is a poetry behind the nine months of gestation, this is an adequate amount of time but normally, psychologically, you need about a year, and that is why it often takes couples nearly a year to conceive their child.  They get this little nudge far in advance so that they have plenty of time to prepare.  The baby Soul is then with the Mother – not inside, but around, enveloped within her aura.  The baby and the baby’s Guides and the baby’s Angels all become aware of the Mother.  The Mother has received the little nudge, the little inkling from her unborn, and so and thus, all of the spiritual energy required comes forth to assist her in preparing her nest, in getting her life in order, and helping her to prepare the Father, for this does not often come so naturally to the man.

Once they begin to ‘try’ as you like to call it, the timing is really up to the baby, it is truly up to the Soul of the incoming.  However it is possible to resist this process, it is possible to create such a resistant energy within your aura that conception becomes impossible under those conditions.  Sometimes when the timing is absolutely crucial in terms of the Soul Contracts of the incoming Soul, sometimes this cruciality pushes through all of resistance and finds a way, the way water will find a way.  Normally any resistance, any stress that has kept the child’s Soul at bay, that has kept the body from beginning to manifest, washes away just when it’s the right time. Sometimes this resistance is part of the journey that you decided to have, part of the learning to let go, part of the lesson in losing a little control, of turning your hand over to the unseen, for truly that is what conception is all about.

Creating life – it is a Spiritual subject yet often the Spirit is forgotten and only the physical is the sole focus.  Know that all is well, and relax.  That is the best advice we can give you to aid in the conception of all things you are wishing to manifest in your life.

***Apologies for such a long absence!  I’m waiting patiently for my first little one to arrive any day now, and have been rather focused on feathering my nest.  I had this question from a dear friend who is trying to conceive and thought it was rather perfect for today.  Happy Spring time to all and many blessings!  ❤ ***

Channeling and Photography by Brighitta Moser-Clark

This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit” – I invite questions of Universal curiosity, so if you have one in mind, please send it in!


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