Insights for August 2015 – Blue Moon Blessings!

Dearest Ones,

Just as you say “once in a Blue Moon…” we would like you to pair this phrase with the truest dream you can today – for example: “The dream of making it as an Artist comes true only once in a Blue Moon” – Dear Ones, that once, that time, is NOW.

The dreams are ripe for plucking and even more deliciously juicy than you have allowed yourselves to imagine.  The energy now and in August is akin to a tidal wave – today is a surge where the waters leave the shore, only to gain momentum and return with a significantly increased volume.  The water we speak of is your intention.

Cast your wishes on this Blue Moon!  Look into the deep well of your Soul, gaze into the bubbling spring in your Heart, and ask your Self – “What is my Spirit calling me to do?” Close your eyes and look within.  My truest Dream is…

Allow the images to dance before you and reveal your dreams to you.  In August we encourage you to GO FOR IT!  Reach for that deep desire, know that you are supported wholly and holy.  Your Blue Moon has come today!

Place your wishes into the Lunar Glow, let this moon illuminate those dreams you have buried and take them forward into August knowing they can and will be yours.  Believe in them, as we Believe in You.

Act upon them in earnest.  Listen to that brilliant Light that is your Soul.  The whole Universe supports you.  The Earth needs you and your dreams.  Your dreams are paramount – not just for you, but for the whole.

The time is now dearest hearts!

Many Blue Moon Blessings,

The Council of Light Bringers

Channeling and Image by Brighitta Moser-Clark



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