A Prescription for Joy

In times of great transition, you expand greatly, and this burst of expansion can be quite uncomfortable.  A newfound joy can highlight the contrasting pockets of your life that do not match.  You want to focus solely on this new joy but needing to focus elsewhere, as life requires of you at times, is causing you to notice that the entire scope of your life is not as joyful as you wish it to be.
So what can you do in this situation?

You can step back, pause, and breathe.  You can ground yourself into the life force of Mother Earth and feel her unwavering support.  Notice the sensation of air on your skin.  Fill your lungs, following that air into your belly – notice it expand and feel it gently empty.  Smile in recognition of the joy and LOVE you do have.  Allow this feeling to warm your heart.  Rest in the moment.

Breathe it in.  You might notice that your mind escapes to other moments – they do not exist – yet anchored away from the present it goes, and along with that your joy eludes you.  Comparison is the thief of joy.  The past may contain memories of it but comparing that to now is usually not a safe way to revive it.

If one can access the bountiful energy alive in the present moment, then truly they have access to the infinite joy that exists within them at all times.

Happiness is not a secret.  There is nothing mysterious about it and you do not need to earn it.  It is not something to pursue.  Happiness is what you already are.  Joy is life’s true essence for it is the natural state of all things.  You need not achieve or gather anything to be happy – just simply Be – be in the moment, be alive – come back to the wonderful center of your very Being.  Ask not for anything for now, just be fully in the moment.

Contemplate:  what if everything right now is perfect?  What if I stop for a moment and just notice the rich life all around me, what if this is the happy ending I’ve been reaching for?  Can I pause long enough to notice it?  Is it possible it’s always been there, waiting for me to notice?

Indeed it always has.  Just stop and notice – that is our prescription for joy.  See for yourself.  Joy is waiting for you.


Channeling and Photography by Brighitta Moser-Clark


This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit” – I invite questions of Universal curiosity, so if you have one in mind, please send it in!



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