Insights & Guidance for September 2015 – The Harvest!

Dearest Hearts,

This month tends to begin with a healthy ‘back-to-school’ feeling which beckons you to take action and move ahead with any plans you have been dreaming up under sunny skies.  As you enter the season of harvest and the final third of this year of manifesting, you may look back to seeds you planted last winter when this year was fresh and new – for this is the time of the harvest dear Ones, and it is right that you should receive all that you’ve created.  With the water of belief, and the sunshine that is faith, your seeds were nurtured, sprouted, and have grown.  It is time for you to enter the fields ripe with manifestation and to pluck your rewards.  You may notice there is action in this metaphor – and so it is true.  It is time to claim your harvest and make your feast dearest Ones.  The ingredients are available now and at the perfect point of creation.  Do you understand our picture?  Everything is ready and waiting for you.  But first you must join this cornucopia of abundant stock in order to enjoy it!

Are you ready?  It waits for you. It has been created lovingly, just for you.  You believe you wait for this cascade of manifesting dreams, but in truth, they wait for you.

“How do I get there?”  We hear you asking now.  And the answer is very simple.

Follow your breath, in……..and out………

Breathing in………….and out………..

If you are conscious in this you will already feel more alive after just two breaths.  Take another – in…..and out…….

Deeply in………refreshingly out……..

Notice the life force in your body.

This energy is your Soul.  Feel this spiritually rich energy.

Do you feel it now?  This is where all you have dreamed of waits.  For what you dream for yourself already is your Self.  This space you just entered is you, and it is within you.  It is your Soul, your Spirit, indeed it is Spirit as a whole.  This is the Holy Land.  This is the Kingdom.  It is alive within you now.  Only you can take yourself to it’s bountiful lakes and drink.  Take a moment to bask here.

This is Pure Being.  Notice the peace of it, the bliss of it, the still nature of yourself while all becomes alive around you.  This is how you arrive to all those fields ripe with the Harvest.  It is all the doing necessary, for any sincere need for action required of you arises from this space with crystal clarity.

Make this simple yet profound practice your priority.  Let this practice be your school.  Come back to it.  Trust it.  Expand with it’s teachings.

That is the best guidance we can offer to you for the fulfilment of all that you seek!

In Bountiful Harvest.  With Endless Love.
The Council of Light


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