Impermanence is sitting squarely at the forefront of my mind.  My baby growing.  Relatives passing.  My own life, my love’s life.  There is no death, I do know that, yet there is the passing of the physical body as we know it.  I can’t help but think grief is an intentional aspect of our time here, part of our lesson plan during Earth School.  On a Soul level we must know that none of us can escape the reality of it – we are born, we forget our eternal nature, we live, we die.  Now is all there is yet none of us can escape the passing of time.  Spirit, can you speak to me on this subject?

Indeed our Dear Heart.  You sit today by a crimson tree, leaves vibrantly bathed in the sun of this brief moment, yet all moments lived in present tense are eternal – the paradox is confusing unless you understand the divine quality of non-attachment.  The ‘now’ is an eternal state, if you are present within that state you are fully aware of your eternal nature, yet unattached to the temporary forms that pass before you – you are free to enjoy them and allow them to be as temporary and spontaneous as they are.  The Master of non-attachment can live fully with out being attached to even her own life.  From the Soul’s perspective, each life lived is akin to a delicious meal – we do not mourn the plate when it is empty but rather savour the satisfaction of the experience.  Life in the now can be so.  All things are temporary – even this planet.  A well of sadness is the ego’s response to the reality of impermanence yet your very eternal Spirit (which is your TRUE SELF) is timeless and permanent.  All forms are unstable.  All manifested physicality, must, by the laws of the Universe, change.  The question is, can you be at peace with this?  The ego fears change and death for only it dies – the soul, the spirit, lives life beyond.  The part of you that feels unsettled is not your Spirit dear but your Human mind.  That is part of why you now find yourself in a human body – to experience time and all the lessons that concept brings you.  You are born understanding that life will be beautiful, temporary, expansive, and enlightening.  Remember:  “You can never get it wrong, and you never get it done” (Abraham-Hicks)  It is the attachment that creates the suffering, but even the suffering is impermanent!

So the next question I have is then, how can we live/love/learn without attachments?  How can I marry, birth children, love, BE alive in this world without forming attachments?

And so Dear Heart, we enter the Buddha’s teachings.  We now go lightly forward into the realm all Masters have touched on their path to enlightenment.  And so it is your turn to grasp this understanding.  Life could not be without time.  Time, from Spirit’s perspective, is both an illusion and a construct.  It exists for the purpose of serving you.  The *real* you, exists in the 5th dimension, beyond form and time, in the realm of vibrating light.  Here change happens with great intention rather than as a passive result of the march of the clock.  None of this answers your question – we have merely laid a foundation of truth by which you can build your temple of true enlightenment.

Be well.  And let us continue this conversation.


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