Insights & Guidance for December 2015 – Be the Light!

Dearest Hearts,

We feel your planet at this moment in time, and we are aware that there has been considerable shadow energy – we will not deny that – yet it is not as large and looming as the media portrays.  The focus has beaten this drum of negative influence, and although much healing is being sent to the planet and is already taking place, it is not the dark time that it seems.  This shadow has summoned even more light to your home of Earth and we want to assure you that all is well – do not fear and do not feed other’s fear.  For there truly is only LOVE, and a denial of love.  Be the light, be the one shining the light on love – BE THE LOVE – you are needed at this time of needless suffering to shine even brighter.  Do what you are inspired to – not for a fearful reason but rather take a loving approach, be the kindness, the light, and the love you wish to see in the world.  Worry not our sweet and dear Hearted ones.

This month that closes the year – create space within it.  Detoxify, cleanse, refresh, and renew yourselves, your space, your lives.  Honour that which you have by bringing fresh air to it, in all manner of ways.  Donate what you no longer need to those who do.  Eat clean foods and drink plenty of water, infused with lemon is best.  Take good, loving care of your bodies and minds.  Meditate daily.  Practice loving kindness.  Move your body.  In this way you will not only feel wonderful, but you will honour that which you have, and show gratitude by your care, while inviting into this newly created space that which you dream of.  Space is holy.  Take good care of your vessels, your atmospheres, and those you love, along with those you share this home you call Earth with.  It will help you and the planet at large to cultivate the space for more light.  You will be effectively increasing your light quotient by these actions.  And more light is good for all!

Everything is light, we merely need to focus there.  In your meditations, thank the Presence of the Divine for blessing your life with light.  Look to it.  Find it.  Be it.

You can heal any darkness by shining as brightly as you can.  Remember: that which you resist, persists, and that which you focus upon will grow – such is the power of your energy!

We guide you lovingly, to focus on the light, and to shed the old ways, things, situations, that no longer serve you.  Let go of your heavy burdens, and be as light as you can be.  You have the power within you, and all is so very well with you truly.

We love you and we are showering you with love and with light and with eternal brightness.

We assure you much love, much healing, and much more light is beaming at you and your fellows right now.

In waves of luminosity,
The Council of Light Bringers



Channelled by Brighitta Moser-Clark

❤❤❤ Happy Holidays to All! ❤❤❤

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