January 2016 – Insights & Guidance – Being

Make time for Being.  Foster spaciousness.  Allow yourselves room to breathe, blend, and be.  Give yourselves the gift of more of your Self.

Live with out distractions filling your awareness, but rather sit with things and give life your full attention.  Be as present as possible, grounded in your bodies and centered in the moment.

Your Soul is guiding you, but have you allowed the space to hear it’s whispers?   Honour your Soul by listening.  This is our best guidance to begin this wonderful new year of openness and purpose – be still Dear Hearts, and listen.  Then follow the easy trail of your Soul’s beckoning.


Channelled by Brighitta Moser-Clark


❤❤❤ Happy New Year to All! ❤❤❤

Reiki, Readings, and 2016 Oracle Guidance is available. Please get in touch!



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