Soul Contracts, Free Will and Destiny

Can you tell me about Soul Contracts?  What happens when they aren’t fulfilled?  How do they get drawn up?  Do we write them, or do our Guides write them for us?  Can we alter our path much, as it seems pretty determined – basically, are we always in our Destiny, can we veer far from our determined path?

Dear Heart yes, we would love to discuss this subject as many throughout Humanity’s existence have pondered this question: does One have free will or is life all planned out and solely based on One’s Destiny?

The answer is a bit of both.  Truly, above all else, you have free will, the freedom and the will to choose your destiny, and this you do as you create your Soul Contracts with the assistance of your Spirit Guides.  On the Soul level, you understand from life to life what you wish to study or accomplish and what themes you wish to understand better in the next, and from this point of knowing, you draw up your Contracts.  They are there to insure you learn the lessons you so seek to learn when you initially set out as a Soul, just before you incarnate again into a new physical body.  You also have Contracts that serve to assist others, some in your Soul Group, some in neighbouring Soul Groups.  These are created for lessons and understandings that you would not otherwise be able to access if it were not for the help of another Soul’s involvement.  You make these agreements in divine love.  Some Contracts include agreements to parent the Souls of your children for you have been chosen and designated for each other.  So too it is with your Primary Soulmates so you will have a plan to meet and serve each other with the divine lessons that may only come in this unique partnership.  All of these Contracts could be called “destiny” but it’s important to understand when we speak of this, it is you who has written your destiny – it is not the hand of some far away Being as many imagine it to be.  It is you, and those that love you and serve you and Guide you, that Contract your destiny in the most loving, genius, creative ways.

Of course it is possible to veer off your decided path and to come back from a life with very few lessons that were not learned – this is perfectly fine as you always have another chance to write that Contract back in to the next life.   This rarely happens however, as you light up so vividly when a piece of your Contract comes into manifested form – when you recognise another and feel time stopping, when you feel that the entire Universe has supported some miraculous unfolding in your life, because it has!  These feelings are so profound, you are drawn in and lead to fulfilling your Contracts.  They do go the other way too of course.  In a hardship that comes to bear rich rewards in new levels of consciousness….these contracts are the ones that aren’t always fulfilled – sometimes a Soul will abandon ship as the seas get rough, and not hang on long enough to reach the reward of immeasurable understandings and Soul-level change that a struggle can coerce from your Being.

You can not fail in this, and you never finish for there is always more to learn and more life to live!  Even as a Spirit Guide the development continues, through assisting others in gaining their lessons – the whole system is set up for continuous development and learning.  It is evolution on every level.  Even Source continues to evolve and expand, as it gets to experience more and more through all points of consciousness, known as you.  All of existence works this way.  Expansion, evolution, delicious experience and new levels of consciousness.  We all win in this game of Life, every time.



Channeling and Photography by Brighitta Moser-Clark

This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit” – I invite questions of Universal curiosity, so if you have one in mind, please send it in!



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