February 2016 – Insights and Guidance – RECEPTIVITY

Dear Hearts,

We have seen you, so eager and so keen to get going with your dreams, trying so hard to get to them.

As February begins we ask you to relax now just a little bit, and allow things to flow a little more.

Your actions taken with passion and sparked by inspiration are so very good and we are cheering you on.  What we are guiding you to now is a more divinely feminine approach – a softer, more receptive state of gentle doings in a feeling of flow, allowing the tides to carry you by the light of the moon. Your efforts are very good, we do not mean to dissuade you, but we see you can have a tendency to get lost in it, forgetting your Being along the way.  Stay afloat by paradoxically grounding into your Being, your Soul.

Come to stillness and allow your actions to arise as softly as spring arises from the soil.  Be guided and receptive – much is in the wings if you would only get out of your own way.  How do you get out of your own way?  By letting go of control, and surrendering to the process.  We are not saying be completely passive, but do be aligned with your Soul first and foremost.  Remember your life is to be enjoyed now, not in some future state.  Embrace your Soul and live your life for today – do what brings you joy, do what lights you up.  Approach each day with your priority being your inner light and then see what comes easily to you.

The theme for this month is Receptivity.  How open and welcoming are you to your life?  What says your vibration?  Let it say “come in, come in, welcome” and work on what’s inside.  Relax in the streams of presence, the rivers of abundance, and the oceans of your Soul.  We ask you to shift gears from a sense of neediness to a state of willingness.  Be willing to serve with your Spirit-given gifts and talents, own them!  And look for ways to give, to Be of service, be willing to support the greater good.  What benefits the whole?  Meditate on this and relax into it – all is manifesting in good time.  Spirit is sustaining you and the Earth is supporting you.

So much is ready to come to you – just allow it.

In great love.


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