On Self-Belief and Worthiness


We see so many of you so capable, so able, and yet so stuck in your boots made of fear.  They are very heavy boots and they are but an illusion.  It is for no other reason than self-doubt that you find yourselves paralysed by this fear.  The truth is that it is completely made up – there is nothing to be afraid of – it is purely egoic thought that tells you you’re not good enough, that tells you that failure is even a thing!  Your soul knows that the truth is you can never fail, you can never make a mistake, you can never get it wrong.  You can celebrate right now in this liberating truth!

Does it resonate?  You can’t get it wrong.  From your Soul’s perspective, every single thing is delicious new material for lessons.  The entire point of your life is expansion, and growth, and learning and evolution.  So every little juicy opportunity that comes your way to expand is that – an opportunity to expand!  Is that so scary, this expansion?  There is a reaching into the unknown that we can see, from your human perspective, can feel uncomfortable because Humans like to know what is coming next.  Darlings, the magic – it happens in the unknown.  The growth, the expansion, the evolution, it all transpires behind the curtain.  Make peace with this.  

Yes we do wish to address this subject of self-belief and worthiness.  We notice many of you have the answers, yet you are scared to say them.  You know and yet it terrifies you that you might be right.  Truly – you think what terrifies you is that you might be wrong, but what you are actually scared of is realising your own power.  We are here to tell you that you are worthy.  Do not let these invisible, imagined, heavy boots hold you in place any longer.  Every ounce of your fear, every single drop, is because you have a lack of self-belief.  Your fear is a direct translation of your self-doubt.  It does not serve you Dear Hearts, it does not serve you at all.

We see magnificent creatures before us – we see Beings of Light capable of transforming the planet, capable of joining forces together in sweet alignment and harmony, sharing knowledge and ideas, enveloping this world in love, increasing the vibration here on this Earth and raising the light frequency higher and higher.  And yet, what holds you back are such small ideas of fear disrupting your confidence.  In the case of healing egoic faults such as a lack of self-belief, truly seeing is believing.  You need to step forward despite your fears, in spite of your ego, you must own your gifts.  You must want to heal this world, more than you are scared of failing in your attempt to do so.  You must decide that your want to help is stronger than the little-me fear that keeps you stuck.

We are here today to tell you that you are worthy, that you are made of stardust, that you are starlight embodied temporarily in these beautiful human bodies – darlings there is nothing to fear!  You are eternal.  You are one with the whole of what is.  You are a fragment of Source.  You are Godliness.  You are holy.  You are cherished.  You are beautiful.  You are wise.  You are so very welcome here, you are needed here.  You possess the knowledge and the talents and the gifts that are required of you in order to manifest your dreams, in order to live your life purpose, to satisfy your reason for Being.  It is all already within you.  Do not listen to that tiny scared voice – that is the voice of the ego.  Listen instead to the stillness, to the peace, to that blissful surrender deep within you that KNOWS.  It feels that you are an essential thread in the infinite tapestry, it knows that you are vital, that you are here in this time of Awakening for a reason!  You are here dear Ones, that is a miracle, and anything that life is calling from you, you are more than able to give to life.  If life is calling you to be a healer we promise you you are able to heal.  If life is calling you to be an artist, we promise you are able to create brilliant pieces of art.  If life is calling you forward onto a path that both excites you and terrifies you, then we invite you to step on to that path and we invite you to bravely go forward putting one foot in front of the other every single day, because this is your reason for Being.  Life will sustain you, and you will thrive in the stepping forward.  Dear Hearted Ones come forward and expand, take our hands, feel your strength, look into each other’s eyes and know your worthiness, know that you are in this together.  You are GOD MADE MANIFEST.  Of course you are worthy.  This world is created for you.  Of course you deserve it.  Shine your light, be the magnificence that you already are. Come to that space within, feel it, sense it, and know it.

You do not need to believe when you know. 


Channeling and Photography by Brighitta Moser-Clark (c)

The above image is from my Nous series, view more @ brighitta.com

I’m available for Reiki sessions as well as Spirit Readings.  Find out more @ PostcardsFromSpirit.com

This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit” – I invite questions of Universal curiosity, so if you have one in mind, please send it in!



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