How can I create drama-free relationships with my family?

Postcards From Spirit Series

See your family through the Eyes of Source.  Have compassion.  It is your ego that finds fault with others.  Allow your ego but do not believe it, do not try to wrestle with it because you will create more resistance and that is the opposite of peace.  As with all things, take the Seat of the Soul…step back, back, back from the ‘problem’ and look purely at the Divine Being of your relation.  Look at them.  See through their ego, and look at their Soul.  See their internal Light.  See through the veil of suffering to the pure Being that resides within.  It is now making you want to weep with compassion, and forgiveness, in the healing that quickly becomes you when you step out of your own ego and see someone purely, free of their ego.  For without ego there is no fault.

Forgive yourself for holding them in judgement.  Forgive yourself and understand that you and your family (and anyone else for that matter) is doing the best they can in any moment given what they understand, what they know, and what they believe to be true.  Step outside of singular individual thinking and embrace the Oneness that is true to your Being.  Sit now in the Soul Space.

Feel your light in your Heart Centre, feel it glowing, feel it radiate, feel it soften your emotions.  Breathe and feel it take you back to peace.  It is always peace here in your Light, in your heart centre.  Peace, peace, peace.  From here, look outwards, look toward this person in your Family, see their face, see their body, and let that drop away so you can see their Heart Space and look at the Light that occupies this heart space – see it glowing and radiating, see how illuminating their light is and feel the purity of their intention from this space.  See how the ego and the mind and the story has confused them – it has confused you as well.  See their pure intention and see the love that resides within them.  Feel the love that you have for them.  See them purely.  You can not be angry in this state.  This is how you have a peaceful relationship.  Do not believe the stories that your ego will tell you.  Step back and look through the eyes of your own Light.  See their Light.  There is no anger here, only peace, only love, only joy for knowing each other.  This life is full of illusion, it is full of false attachments.  Whatever you say the word “should” about, should be ignored!

If you want peace, it begins with You.  Peace is free of condition.  LOVE, true loving peace, is unconditional.  So look upon these people, your relations, your family, your dear family.  The intention of family is a network of individuals to support each other as a One.  Strength in numbers is the intention that resides in all families.  It is the Tribe, it is the Village, it is the Community.  It is the bond of blood that keeps you together.

From the Soul level, you understand your families will be teaching, teaching, teaching, Teachers.  A family full of drama is a family full of teaching moments and opportunities for growth, chances for Awakening.  Likewise a family full of peace is a family that has already learned – they have had their dramas and they have come back to peace.  Make peace with the drama, that is how you have a drama-free relationship, do not resist their resistance.  Do not go to frustration, do not go to Anger, however if you find yourself in that space – release.  Do not fight it.  Be at Peace with your emotions, and then step back to your Light, and look at their Light.  It will work for you every time, in every encounter, in every situation, with every relative, with every person for that matter – with strangers this will work.  It is far easier than you believe it to be.  That is okay.  You are learning, they are teaching!  They are teaching you unconditional peace.  They are teaching you unconditional Love.  Thank them!

You can see them purely in your Mind’s Eye.  For example, take two relatives you know are not getting along  – you have nothing to do with their situation, their story, you are removed from it.  This is an easy practice now.  You are truly an unbiased third party.  Take these two Souls, take these two beloved relatives, and look at them, hold them.  They look at each other, and you look at them.  Let their egos drop away.  Look at their Light.  Look at their heart space, look at that LIGHT that shines.  Now radiate your light, see the light of God, radiating onto them.  You have created a very focused beam with Spirit.  You can see them – their love, their peace.  You can see how this is created – these feuds, these family feuds, they will take all of these lessons with them to Spirit, and it is none of your business if that is what they want to do, if that is their Soul Plan, to have these engagements, these dramatic tensions.  It is their creation, not yours.  You can look at them with love, even if they feud you can watch them with loving eyes.  You can take the seat of the Soul at anytime.  You feel it now within you, this Peace.

Learn how to reside in this Peace.  Make it your home.  Drama can not touch a peaceful person that knows peace is unconditional.  It is a choice!  It is a choice!  PEACE IS A CHOICE.  And you may choose it – in any condition, in any circumstance, it is your free will to choose peace.  And that is how you teach others, through your example.  Choose the peace, BE the peace, no matter what – be the loving Presence, be Present – that is your Gift, that is your Present.  We know, we feel, you understand this now.  This is how you create a drama free relationship with your family.  We love you.  We love your family.  We send them all Love and Peace and Light.  We bathe them all in light.  We bathe you in light, dear Heart.  We wish you all to Be the Peace.

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