July 2016 Insights and Guidance – You are the Light.

Sweet Dear Hearts,

In the wake of global tension we are coming forward to discuss this time with you – to reassure you that all is well.  It is not in times of ease that you learn the most about your own essence, but it is indeed in the times of struggle and darkness that you go within and find that inside you are LIGHT.

This is a time of a great shifts.  It is the time of awakening.  In order for these positive enlightening times to occur the wrinkles must be ironed out.  Dear hearts what is occurring on your planet now is that the wrinkles and kinks in the fabric are coming into focus and getting attention.  We know this is not pleasant, we know this is intense and uncomfortable, and we are wrapping our arms around each of you now and sending love directly into your hearts.

We want to reassure you that these challenges are forcing the majority (regardless of what it appears) to focus on the greater good, on coming together, and on the ideals that you wish to create for this world that you live in.

We wish to advise you that in these turbulent times you are all being called to share your light in more profoundly powerful ways.  You are being called to step-up!  THIS IS THE CALLDear Hearts we know that it hurts you to see such anger and hatred being acted upon in this world. And we reassure you that YOU ARE THE HEALING that this world is asking for.  You possess within you a light that is bright, a love that is transformative.  You possess everything you need and when you join hands with others that also want this togetherness and this forgiveness to manifest, the energy multiplies not just by two but it compounds and it grows and the sum of you is so much greater than your parts.

Dear Hearts you are being called to share your light.  You are being called to join together and create giant webs of light.  You are being called to focus in what may appear to be a very challenging way.  You are being called to focus on what it is you wish to see in this world.  You are the change that you wish to see.  This may not be an easy task but you are being called to accept those that don’t accept others.  You are being called to offer your love to those that need it most.  The ones that need it the most are the ones that are not offering it themselves.  For there is no greater pain than ceasing the natural, powerful flow of the Universe which is love, divinity, and the Source of all good, from moving through you.  To cut off that flow is to experience true suffering.  Those that you witness as the ones causing the greatest strife and the ones that wish to separate themselves are fearful and they are the ones that need your love the most.  You are here to teach them, to forgive them, to heal them with your example of love.  You are here to offer your light unconditionally.  You are here to show acceptance by offering that acceptance to those that would deny you the same.  You hear us.

In these times, where the mass population is focused in a negative way, it is more important than ever that you seek to focus in a positive, light-bringing, life-enforcing, healing, and transformative way.  In order to so, our dear hearts, you are asked to go within and you are asked to nurture yourselves.  You are asked to take good care of your bodies, and your minds, and your Souls.  You are asked now to take good care of others, to love, to accept, to transform.  You are supported in this.  The greater good is supported in this.  Our love and our light is shining powerfully upon you and we are flowing powerfully through you.  All you need to do is step up to this call, accept it and shine your light into those darkest places.  You are the light and you are here to illuminate!  We are coming out of the Dark Ages now and into the Age of Light.

Rest assured this turbulent time confirms that change is underway.  Growth, new life, evolution, awakening – all are happening!  We wish to remind you of how evolution unfolds.  The spark of evolution is challenge.  Challenge is the trigger for change.  So know that this time is temporary, know that it is occurring for a greater reason and know that you have everything you need within you to get through it, to thrive in it, and to assist this planet in lifting it’s vibration through it.  Hold that vision, hold it in your light.  Use this time to experience your own light.  Embrace all others, regardless of their beliefs.  Embrace them regardless of how much light you see coming from them.  

Shine your light with the highest wattage you can muster!  Shine into those places that need light.  Do not fear, know that you are strong, and that you have all the energy of the Universe flowing powerfully through you now.  Take comfort…know this is temporary and will lead to wonderful change, regardless of what appearances are.  Do not be fooled by illusions or buy into fear, or get swept away in the mass confusion and depression.  Hold powerfully to the light.  Hold strongly to your vision of the greater good.  Be the embodiment of the change that you wish to see in your world, in your country, and in your neighbourhood.  Be the love, be the light,  be the acceptance and the tolerance.  Be it. Truly you are already on the other side of that change, and the world will catch-up with you.  It is time to lead.

We love you.  We embrace you.  We wish for you to feel our love and to know that all is well.  We are wrapping you in our wings and our divine energy.

In great love!


Channeling by Brighitta Moser-Clark (c)

Brighitta is available for Reiki sessions as well as Spirit Readings.  Find out more @ PostcardsFromSpirit.com




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