Aura and Energy Protection

Auras and Energy Protection

Please speak about placing protection around ourselves, the best methods to do so, and why we need to do this. What do we need protecting from?

This is a very important question to ask during these times, especially on the heels of the recent powerful waves of light that washed away the darkness on this planet, for as it did so pieces of residual darkness were made loose, brought to the surface, and more darkness than usual was hovering and able to be felt.  We want to emphasise that the dark is lifting off and being healed to raise the overall vibration of Earth during this crucial time of awakening and of transformation.  However, as it happens during intense healing times, there is a mixed transitional energy that can feel disruptive to sensitive ones like you. 

To answer your very pointed question: yes, it is vital to do this daily, especially if you live in a city.  There are several daily rituals that would serve you so well to keep your energy and surrounding energy clear (we refer to this as your personal biosphere – this is your aura and the spaces you inhabit).  If you can take a few minutes every morning and evening to give yourself a shower of light your energy will be much brighter and more resilient throughout the day.  It is a very simple and effective process whereby each colour of the rainbow enters your crown from Spirit and cleanses your entire etheric field, super charging your energy and making you a sparkly and radiant Being in the process.  Just as you need to shower with water to cleanse your physical body, we recommend cleansing your etheric body just as frequently.  In a big city such as London where millions of human beings think (and radiate) many stressful thoughts continuously, there is a thick energy pollution that lingers in the streets and public areas.  Your aura coalesces with those who share your spaces, for energy does not have a border, it is soft and open at the edges. On a day where you feel wonderful, you are radiating positive light energy that has an uplifting effect on others; your presence on those days assists in the cleansing, in the light-weaving, and in the healing. Of course you do have days where you fluctuate or feel extra sensitive and this is when your light can be affected and made cloudy – you might feel heavy, sad, stressed and not be able to find the reasons why.  On these occasions a light shower to cleanse yourself is the best remedy and you can do this to the spaces you briefly occupy in public as well.  For example, when waiting in the Doctor’s office, imagine bright green emerald light (which is healing and loving heart energy) filling the space.  This light does not come from you but through you – you focus it into being from Source exactly as you use Universal Energy or Reiki.  In doing this you are helping to heal the planet, to cleanse and uplift the energy here.  You are serving a high purpose every time you do this and your own energy will receive a boost which is a spark of enlightenment as a result.    The ‘Bubble Of Light’ is also a good practice following the light shower and best done prior to leaving your home.  Simply imagine a bubble of light surrounding you which both boosts your energy and protects it.  This puts your awareness on the edges of your aura, creating a temporary barrier which is really a re-enforcing of your own light.  As you know, darkness can not enter bright light.  You radiate your own light, turning up the wattage of your aura which protects you but this is temporary, much like flexing a muscle.  To flex is not the natural resting state and takes energy to keep going.  This action is only necessary in times of stress – when most people are associating with fear.  What we recommend most is taking responsibility for what you are radiating, our dear sweet, sensitive Souls.  Become the owner and operator of your own personal vibration – radiate love, radiate healing, and stand strong in your knowing of wellness.  When you protect yourself, do not come from a place of fear, but rather a strong point of light and love.  Protect your energy with the intention that you will radiate love and with this intention raise the frequency around you.  You will be a contributing factor to better times on this planet.  Remember that everything is simply, and magnificently, energy.  You can help to raise it up, you can help to heal what is not in alignment with the light.  You can shine bright and into the depths of the shadows, offering your love, compassion, and grace to those that need it.  You can be the extension of your pure Self, your God-Self.  Embodying this Divinity that you truly are will inspire you to help in whatever way you can.

Our answer would have been different if you lived predominately in nature.  In nature, the energy is constantly cleaned and refreshed for the proportions of humans to Nature are in balance.  Cities are dense and often not enough people within them are aware of their own energy and its effect on others or conscious enough to realise they need time to reset in nature.  One day, most people will be aware and you will not need to take these measures so often.  For now, in this great time of transformation, it is best to be that conscious person, to be a vehicle for light to flow.  You are serving the greater good by keeping your own energy up and bright, and certainly you are giving a generous gift when you send this light out into the world, cleansing and healing spaces.  Simply radiating light is one of your highest purposes here on this Earth.  We thank you for your service.  For now, we are sending you beams of rainbow infused light and waves of eternal love. 


Channeling and Photography (c) Brighitta Moser-Clark.

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This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit” – Brighitta invites questions of Universal curiosity, so if you have one in mind, please send it in!



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