Our dearest Dear Hearts,

As this month begins we wish to acknowledge the general feeling of heaviness amongst many of you.  It has made you tired, some have been feeling downright exhausted.  We see you shining and yet running on empty – shining because you feel you must for the others, but empty because in these turbulent times you have been spread too thin energetically.  This month we wish to guide you towards intensely loving and caring for your selves, the way you would a small child. 

Go back to basics and build your month of fierce self-care from the ground up.  We are talking about from the physical to the spiritual – from the roots to the crown. 

Have a look in the mirror at that beautiful Being of Light —- how are you feeding that body that carries you?  Are you giving it all the nutrients and nourishment it requires?  Are you taking yourself for walks, swims, and dancing enough for this body to feel it’s best?  Have a look at the space around you – is it nice to live in, does it feel good to you?  Make a note of anything that comes up. 

How are you spending most of your time dear Being – doing things that make your heart happy?  Is there anything you can do less of?  Carve space to just Be, to meditate, to relax, to reflect, to recharge.  This year was one you all knew would come, full of transitions and challenges and calls for growth both on a global scale and in your personal life experiences. It has been draining.  Take some time out and honour yourself with space to recharge dear Hearts. 

If you need to sleep more, make sure to.  If you feel that nightly bathing rituals could help you feel better than prioritise those, make them extra luxuriating for yourself.  If there are things that drain you then look at reducing your exposure.  Right now it is vital to take a moment for you

Your call to service and your ability to be the Light is dependant upon your self-care.  We need you on full charge!  So take this month to plug-in in an even more considered and prioritised way, charge up.  Remember to tap into Source to find your unlimited supply of energy.  Follow the guidance you’re receiving and honour your wise intuition.  Take this month to nurture yourselves and your lives as best you can.  Make it your utmost priority to feel good – go out of your way to show love and kindness to yourself.  Set an example for others in your unwavering support of the Being you are.  This body is her to give you this life experience, treat it with the gratitude it deserves. 

Use gratitude as avenue to rise up.  In your meditations put your hands to your heart.  Fill your hearts with life’s spaciousness that is the breath.  Actively engage your mind to find moments in time that feel precious and highlighted to witness again – watch a film of your golden moments so far.  Ask your Higher Self and your super and sub conscious mind to beam images of love and happiness from your memory, enjoy watching moments of bliss pass before your conscious mind and let your heart fill with radiant gratitude.  This process will give you much energy.  Discover how much joy and love you have for life. 

We wish for you to feel so full of life, love, joy, energy, gratitude, and LIGHT that your abundance runs over and out and far and wide into this world.  We need you lit up and on full power.  So light up dears!  Take the time to tend to your radiance, feel that glow within get brighter and brighter.  It begins within so go there now.  Reset, recharge, and light right up.  We are here, loving you and supporting you in this.


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