What is the Spirit World like?


How do our loved ones reach out to us?  What are they ‘doing’?

The world of Spirit, the dimension of Source, the plane that we inhabit, is not so different from the Earth plane.   There are still places and faces and it is beautiful, colourful, and vivid.  It is a space that is made of light and energy.  Beings, Souls, are made of light.  We exist as harmonic frequencies, dancing clouds of colour, bright lights glowing within ourselves.  To be Spirit is to be light and free.  The Spirit World is a symphony of colour and light and music.  Indeed, we have music here.  The waves are what communicate feelings and thoughts. 

Let us start at the start.  When you pass away your body and your soul detach from one another.  This moment has been witnessed many times, even with your pets.  You can see the very second that the soul leaves the body.  Your Soul then acclimates to the lightness it once was and is again and it hovers sometimes as it remembers itself.  Your OverSoul (that which is your collective Soul which has remained in Spirit all along) begins to emit a signal to call you home.  This signal is a wave of vibration and it is audible.  You are never alone in this state – you are greeted immediately by either your main Guide, or your Soulmate, or another beloved Soul.  Someone will be at your side ready to help guide you on your journey back home.  You do then ‘go to the light’ as it is known.  What happens truly is a transformation from one dimension (third) to another (fifth). You are light and you go home to light.  This is effortless and feels like pure bliss.  You then slowly reunite with your Soul Group and this takes place in any number of settings, your creativity does not come from your body!  Familiar settings from lives, favourite gardens, landscapes, vistas, pure colour and light, anything is possible.   You will meet with your Guides and have a life review, and you will visit your High Council, your neighbouring Soul Groups, and continue to learn, adventure, explore. 

Since your OverSoul (the whole of you) remains always in Spirit with your Soul Group, you go home to your own essence.  The others in your Soul Group are always there too, even when they’ve incarnated again – a part of you is always there.  So once you are in Spirit and you wish to visit an incarnate relative, you can follow the path of their signal as it vibrates to their body on Earth.  It is similar to following a beacon, you ride the wave of their frequency to find them.  The link is always there – if they are in need of assistance you will be aware and can offer help.  This is also how you are able to visit others and receive Spirit visitors in life!    

What you do as a Soul is expand, love, learn, explore, roam, visit, share, and ultimately grow and evolve.  The entire system of Being, whether on Earth or elsewhere in the Universe, is all for the joy of Being.  The result is evolution.  Your Soul evolves as it learns and expands through each lifetime.  As it does this Source does the same.  Source exists within every living entity, to learn, to expand, to grow, to evolve, and to love. 


Channeling and Photography (c) Brighitta Moser-Clark.

Brighitta is available for Reiki sessions as well as Spirit Readings.  Find out more @ PostcardsFromSpirit.com

This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit” – Brighitta invites questions of Universal curiosity, so if you have one in mind, please send it in!



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