Dearest Hearts,

As this month begins, we wish to discuss the topic of fearlessness.  What does that mean?  Is it a complete confidence?  It is in fact devout courage.  

You can not experience the rush of being courageous without the fear that must come before it.  Understand that fear is an emotion your soul knew it would have to overcome while incarnate on this Earth.  Overcoming fear is a big part of your lesson here.  You are not alone in that.  So have courage.  And have faith.

We realise that many of you may not be feeling ready for yourselves.  Many may be up late at night with worries or anxieties keeping you from the peace of much needed slumber.  Know, first of all, that these fears are masquerading as real.  They are not real at all.    

What we want to do is light a flame of consciousness that will burn away all the shadows, and ultimately illuminate the truth.  The truth that you are as ready as you will ever be.  The truth that all is entirely well.  So be courages, dear hearts, and light those flames.  Burn bright.  Allow others to see you, the real you.  You will inspire them by revealing your true self, and they will want to assist you and collaborate with you.

This month is beckoning for deep self-healing, reflection, renewal, and rest.  In that restful seeking within, you will hear what is calling you now.  Turn your faces upwards to the heavens and look for your own soul’s light shining upon you.  Release the past, surrender to the present, and look towards that future calling.  What is it?  What is calling?  Know that you are ready for whatever it is.  Have courage and move forward.

This is a golden time of abundance and light.  A time where spiritual awakening is ripe, and souls are ready to be ignited.  The bright flames of internal light are burning with passion and peace.  How peaceful do you feel when gazing at a campfire?  This is the blissful calm feeling you will once again embrace as you look for this same glow coming from within your heart, truly it comes from your soul.  Following that bright passion will bring the peace you seek.  Be mesmerised by it.  Reflect this month on what it is you are truly wanting to create and take bold steps towards that.  Work to release and heal the past, creating space to be more fully in the here and now.  From that wonderful new state of mental spaciousness you will have created a platform for divine inspiration.  You will feel a knowingness of what to do.  You will have space to breathe and be, and heal.  

Know that whatever it is you are reaching for, that thing is reaching towards you too.  You are ready for each other.  The time is now.  

We are here.   You are supported.  You are adored.

In great love and light, may this month glow for all of you!

Channeling by Brighitta Moser-Clark (c)

Brighitta is available for Reiki sessions as well as Spirit Readings.  Find out more❤



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