OCTOBER 2016 Insights & Guidance – Breaking Free

Dearest Ones,

October will be a pivotal month of change.  Indeed, the great theme of this month could be summed up with the words “Breaking Free” —— you have felt bounded in some way to the unconscious mind and the manifestations in your life that cause you to feel anxious and desperate for change. 

Here we have the opportunity for change that is at it’s most perfectly ripened state, more so than it has been all year.  If you will notice that you have the power within yourself and then claim it, you can summon this power to manifest all that you are dreaming of for yourself right now.  Step out of the chains that are holding you back – whatever they be for you: fear, lack mentality, or self-doubt.  Step powerfully forward to a new paradigm of abundance, confidence, and power.  This is a time to focus and claim what is yours.  For you have created your dreams and they are ready for the harvest. 

Know that it is right for you to manifest that which you are wanting, for those dreams want you too. In fact, we wish to remind you to approach your life in this way – what is right for me?  What feels best?  Not because your happiness is dependent on the conditions of your life, but because the new found state of happiness within you has created a new atmosphere around you and many changes are manifesting into your reality.  As your vibration rises higher, that which no longer matches must fall away.  Let it all go, even if it goes with an apparent drama, for it is all in your highest good.  Notice how the leaves let go, be inspired to let go with the same ease and grace.  The tree must let go of the old leaves before it can create new growth; and so it is the same for you.

How profound the energy is this month for growth, change, and abundance.  Enjoy breaking free and stepping forward.  A new foundation is being built to support you.  This life that is constantly aligning with the ever becoming you.  Now you have become something even greater than you were before, and your life can only reflect the same.

Happy Harvesting dear Hearts! With great love and abundant light.

Channeling by Brighitta Moser-Clark (c)

Brighitta is available for Reiki sessions as well as Spirit Readings.  Find out more @PostcardsFromSpirit.com



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