On Cycles and Transformation


Today we wish to discuss cycles and the cyclical nature of this world you live in.  For you are part of this world, and your own cycles operate in much the same way.  As the Earth follows its orbit around the star of this solar system’s centre, the passing of seasons which illustrate our topic unfold with a predictable and steady rhythm.  Now is the season of Autumn, of letting go – releasing all that no longer serves you, all that you do not desire to take into the dark nights to come.   The trees are gently releasing into slumber so they may begin anew as they rebirth in the Spring.  There is no struggle within them, they do not cling to their dying leaves, nor do they mourn over the pieces of themselves as they fall away.  They are simply in surrender to this cyclical Earth, they are one with the Earth they live on.  Knowing the time to let go has come, they make their most beautiful spectacle as they release, it is a celebration.  Humans marvel at this vivid display not realising the same ease of surrender may be theirs to rejoice and celebrate as well. Let go into the unknown where life will create with you again, rebirth you into more beauty again and again.  All you need do is gracefully surrender and allow the nature of life in all its glory.  For you are nature, and if you look to her for clues she will guide you, she will teach you, she will bathe you in life’s energetic vigour. 

So now as you are surrounded by the splendour of saturated colour, just as the days shorten and the nights grow long, ask yourself – what part of me are my leaves?  What aspects of myself can I gracefully release to the ground?  What parts can I leave be?  For it is part of the ascension, part of the rebirthing process.  It can be easy for you to release, it can be a celebration of lightness and colour within yourself.   The cycles remind you of constant change which is the nature of life, they are beautifully harmonic transformers.  What you let go of now, you will be lighter for in the dark of winter’s hibernation and you will have created space for the new to stir.  Release what you do not want to take in to the cave with you for the months ahead.  In the Winter months there is an inward focus, a retreating within and a time for family and friends, a time for nurturing what roots you.  Dig deep during this time and wrap your Being and those around you with the warm blanket of love.  Rest, and rejuvenate, and give attention to that which grows in the dark, like the child takes form cocooned in the darkness of the Mother’s womb.   Plant your seeds in the fertile ground of your love for the sun to illuminate in the Spring months, and be re-birthed again in this joyous time of colour erupting once more.  This creative time is an outward focus again, life springing up into form all around you.  The formless aspect of the Winter births this new form of the Spring.  And in the Summer, enjoy all that is, revelling in the creations of life, before dropping your leaves again at the turn of the season. 

Life mimics your own nature, for you are life.  You do not have a life, you do not own this life, you are not given life, you are life!  And life is a cyclical, beautiful circle that turns and turns in constant transformation and renewal.  You are beautiful life expressing itself in perpetual growth and release, constantly moving and rebirthing.  And so, embrace the cycles that govern this existence, and look to nature to show you how: with grace, ease, and total surrender for the process of life itself. 


Channeling and Photography (c) Brighitta Moser-Clark.

Brighitta is available for Reiki combined with intuitive guidance from Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones for deep and transformative healing sessions.  Find out more @PostcardsFromSpirit.com

This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit” – Brighitta invites questions of Universal curiosity, so if you have one in mind, please send it in!



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