And What About Anger?


*2016 was full of political events that stirred (and continue to stir) so much anger in ourselves and our nearest and dearest. On this full moon that asks us to release one final time before 2017 begins, I thought I would share this Postcard From Spirit – What About Anger?* 

I have feelings of anger and anxiety towards someone that has hurt me.  What am I meant to do with it?  What does an enlightened master do in the face of anger?  I feel that no matter what I do to rid myself of this churning knotted feeling, it continues.  I know enough to not act it out, but now it seems like it’s stuck in my body.  How can I release it?

Dear Heart, we feel your intensity.  We are aware of your compassion for this individual that hurt you, yet we know that it has stirred up a host of emotions that feel toxic.  Anger is an emotion that asks for action.  It stimulates your body’s fight or flight response and when you do neither the fighting or the flighting, you will feel this residual chemical response churning away, you are now feeling chaotic in your core. 

So you are angry.  Do you give yourself permission to feel this way?  Are you resisting the anger?  Can you feel how it is a resistant state of pent up action-orientated rage?  Yes, all of these things.  The resistance to feel your feelings makes them far harder to release, dear.

Can you, for the moment, be allowed to be angry? 

Notice how in the accepting of this emotion, it softens ever so slightly.  Your giving permission to the anger creates a space between yourself and the emotion.  Can you feel this space?  Notice that the space could not exist if you were still identified as the anger.  The anger instead is not you – it is a wave that is moving through you. 

Breathe deeply knowing that you are the space that the anger is currently bubbling on.  Breathe. 

We do not recommend trying to deny this powerful energy as it rises within you, but it is healthy to notice that it is not you. It is an energy moving through you.  An energy that has a force to it, a force that can get you to take action after staying stagnant for too long. 

What is the anger really about?  We can assure you it is not about the person you think it’s about.  The anger is about what you have allowed yourself to tolerate for a little too long.  It is raging against what you have permitted to be out of alignment, and it is now creating a force within you that has power, energy, and an unstoppable pushing.  This force can be channelled to push you out of that situation and into what is waiting for you.  Use it as rocket fuel to fire up and out of that place.  Use it to move forward!  Do not use it against the other, rather after the anger has surpassed know that you will thank this other for creating the fire that was the forge for your new manifested life.  Anger can serve you if you allow it to.

It comes up from the root or sacral chakra and will get stuck in your solar plexus if you refuse to take action.  If you act with feeling it will continue to move up through your heart, aligning that action with what serves you.  If it does not find it’s fluid way through the heart channel to get expressed in a healthy way though the throat, it can get stuck again.  You will often feel the anger in your body radiating around these chakras.  It is a fire burning within – let it out, let it heat up and rise through you, carrying you to the new fertile ground that very fire has created.  It is clearing away all that no longer serves you and in the process it is making the ground fertile for you to plant the seeds of what does serve you. 

You asked us about an enlightened master.  We will share that the truly enlightened one does not anger.  The secret she embodies is that nothing another does is about her.  Nothing is personal.  She is always moving though presence into inspired action and therefore does not require the burning energy of anger to light her trail.  However it is okay for her to be angry, and she knows that too.


Channeling and Photography (c) Brighitta Moser-Clark.

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This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit” – Brighitta invites questions of Universal curiosity, so if you have one in mind, please send it in!



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