A note on Integration, Wo Ai, and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all!

I opened my journal yesterday to reflect and savour the last few months of 2016, and to channel a message for 2017.  I found the last few pages full of lovely insights that I have no memory of writing.  During my Reiki Mastership retreat in Glastonbury back in September, a new Spirit Guide came into my awareness.  He has been mighty, loving, and profoundly healing in my life.  The story of his entrance could take up many pages, but I do want to share that I received his name as “O-Ai” a week or so after I began seeing him in my healing sessions.  When I shared this with a dear soul-sister friend who is also a Medium, she reminded me that during the retreat she’d seen a Chinese man’s face hovering over mine.  She happens to know Mandarin this dear one, enlightening me to the sweet fact that “O-Ai” sounds like “Wo Ai” which translates to English as….”I Love.”  This Guide is pure love and I’m so deeply grateful for his presence in my life.  This message was written from him, and it is perfect as we begin this new, fresh year.  May 2017 bring many wonderful blessings to you!  With much, much love, Brighitta xx

cropped-sun-halo-rainbow-1.jpgA Note on Integration

Integration is another word for alignment.

You are an integral part of the whole – the One.  Your life is integrating all that you have become.

You are wise, ancient, blissful, and whole.

You are complete yet always expanding.  You can be assured that growth is a constant, and therefore nothing is constant.  Even the Source is expanding, growing, and reaching.  The limbs of this very Universe are stretching outward.  You are becoming more you as you learn to integrate all of what you are.

Feel the years that have brought you precisely to this moment.  Feel the centuries of lives that have given this moment the beauty of your Being.  Be all that you are, on the loftier levels as well as the rooted, practical levels.  Embrace the Self that is here today, integrating so much into this experience of living.



Channeling and Photography (c) Brighitta Moser-Clark.

Brighitta is available for Reiki combined with intuitive guidance from Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones for deep and transformative healing sessions.  Find out more about Sessions and Courses @ awakening-light-reiki.com

This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit” – Brighitta invites questions of Universal curiosity, so if you have one in mind, please send it in! 




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