February 2017 Insights & Guidance. Fear : The Shadow of the Collective Unconscious

FEAR – The Shadow of the Collective Unconscious

What we wish to speak about today is fear.   There is  a fear that has permeated many in the world.  This fear has stirred up anger, worry, anxiety, and great feelings of insecurity and uncertainty.  So we feel it is of utmost importance to address this, to face it head on.  What is fear?  Fear is nothing more than a shadow.  Fear is what happens when you turn your back on love.  Yet the love is always there waiting for you to face it’s direction again.  Fear is regressive, restrictive, theatrical, illusory. 

There is a man who has come into power, but we use this word very lightly – because he is not truly in power – however, the fear that he has stirred gives him strength.  He is nothing but a focal point for the collective unconscious.  He is simply a manifestation of the collective ego.  Dears, we wish to remind you now so vehemently of oneness.  In the sea of oneness, this man is part of you.  In the sea of collective energies, his drop has no boundary with your drop.  Therefore what he represents is the part of you that needs healing.  Truly this time is a call to love.  This fear is a shout, a bellowing cry for LOVE. 

Bullies pray on fear and this man is merely another bully on the playground.  Do not buy into his fear.  Do not buy into his hate with more hate.  This radical behaviour is not healed with more fear, more hate, more prejudice.  If we are all truly one, then we are all Beings of Light, and it is time to demonstrate that more than ever before.  Demonstrate that with your love for others – all others.  Continue to rise up together and as you hold hands and feel strong in your great numbers, make sure it is with love that you rise.  For only love can heal this shadow.  Rising in anger and anxiety will only create a larger shadow, which will need to be healed in the future.  Humanity is reaching a tipping point.  There are more of you that wish to live in peace and harmony, so hold to that passionately.  Hold to that with your powerful desire for love when you look upon this fearful point of focus.  When you look at this man who wishes to stir up all sorts of trouble because he loves the attention, he loves the drama of it- do not feed that monster!  Do not feed it by being scared of it or with negative attacks, but cleanse it with your powerful focus of love towards each other and even towards this man.  See him as a child – for he has a very new soul and it is begging for love.  He is confused, afraid, and he is acting out like an animal that has been cornered.  He knows not what he does.  For he only knows the language of fear and greed and imagined power and this is not the language of evolved consciousness.  If you wish to make that leap in evolution (that is your choice) than you must focus with love, healing, peace.  Hold these qualities in your heart and direct your heart to all of Humanity – not just to those that agree with your opinions but especially to those that do not.  In this great experience of loving those that would wish to throw you out, of loving those that wish to eradicate anyone that as liberal as you, in that fierce unconditional love you will awaken more fully.  In that fierce love you serve humanity but you serve yourself, you serve the awakening self, and you contribute to a global movement of healing

It is no small task dear Ones.  We know we ask a lot, but you came here fully prepared for this.  You came here ready for this.  You have lived many lifetimes much more oppressive than this.  You are the powerful ones.  Anyone aligned with love holds the true power.  Here we are at a tipping point and you have all that you need.  In great love, know that we are behind you, focusing powerfully our beam of love on this planet.  We are right here with you. 

In giant waves of love,
The Council of the Light Bringers.


Channeling – Text and Image (c) Brighitta Moser-Clark.

Brighitta is available for Reiki combined with intuitive guidance from Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones for deep and transformative healing sessions.  She is a Channel and a Reiki Master/ Teacher in London.  Find out more about Sessions and Courses @ awakening-light-reiki.com



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