March 2017 Insights + Guidance: Waves of Love and New Beginnings

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A new season of warmth and new beginnings is upon us all both physically and metaphorically – the energies of this moment are alive and eager to grow!  What causes this stirring?  A deep and profound love for life.  A never-ending propulsion towards change and rebirth.

In February we spoke of fear and how it is simply what happens when you turn your back on love – love is always there for you to face again.  Fear is a shadow – unconscious and illusory.  Love is pure light, love is divine consciousness.  Now we guide you dear Ones to nurture your vibration into an aligned, inspired, and flowing grace, focusing your energy on love.  Enjoy the warmer days and soak up light – fill your chakras with it.  Be deliberate in your efforts to bask.  Take time for the most simple pleasures: listening to bird song, feeling the sun’s caress, appreciating flowers as they rupture into this time of colour and sweetness.  Attune yourself to Spring.  Really feel the magic of it.  Bring to your awareness the possibilities that this time holds for you.

This month has a perfect set up for all things to feel new once again, and it all begins with the light.  Bring this light into your etheric and physical bodies, and allow it to inspire you to a more loving state.  That is, a state of loving and caring for yourselves more and more.  When you embody the vibration of love, your entire world will shift to match it.  You will act with compassion to others, and you will experience miracle after miracle – for love is the vibration of the divine.  It is the highest frequency. 

Physically, this is the perfect time of year to begin a more nurturing, energising and clean diet that consists of a good variety of fresh plants.  Move your body and enjoy nature as much as you have time for.  We want you to feel very good in your physical vehicles as they are the instrument by which your soul’s work plays out.  You are here living physical lives and it is right to honour that.

In terms of your work this is a golden, ripe time for making change.  In taking such wonderful care of yourself – physically and vibrationally – you will have more energy, and in allowing yourselves the time for basking and meditating, you will ultimately feel inspired.  When you act from a place of sweet alignment, there is a flow, an ease, and a magical quality to your life.  Collaborators come out of the woodwork. The whole Universe bends to support you.  The inspiration that comes from this place brings excitement and knowingness – you will know exactly what to do and exactly when to do it, you will be tuned in to the greater flow as you act in harmony with the cosmic forces.

When you don’t know what to do, go bask, go fill up with light, go tune into the love of nature and it’s celebration of new life.  Tuning into this blissful energy – being the Presence inside of it – is the most important action you can take on any day.

A beautiful, rich, vibrant month is before you!  Bask in it well.

In love and light, and joy.
The Council of the Light Bringers


Channeling by Brighitta Moser-Clark


Brighitta is available for Reiki combined with intuitive guidance from Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones for deep and transformative healing sessions.  She is a Channel and a Reiki Master/ Teacher based in London.  Find out more about Sessions and Courses @

❤ Happy Spring! ❤



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