An Activation

Last week I had the privilege of enjoying a ‘Life Between Lives’ hypnotherapy session. This text was inspired by that very special experience, and my meeting with The Council of Wise Ones while in Spirit.

This is time of global transformation.  It requires intense focus on the light. 

This is an activation. 

Within you is a vortex.  A portal to anything you desire.  A portal to an awakened world. 

Within your third eye lays the egg of creation and with it, pure potentiality.  Here waits the unborn, the unmanifest.  You incubate this egg with your focus on loving kindness and openness. 

Embody love.  Give it generously.  Feel how it moves through you rather than comes from you.  Keep your heart open.  You foster openness by listening to your soul’s whispers through presence, meditation, and creativity. 

Feel your way there – you can’t think your way.  In your pure state of consciousness the egg hatches. 

This is your wise, ancient Self.

Connect deeply without words.  See each other as the real divine essence behind the eyes.  In this communion you find yourself.

Your heart is your divinity.  This gateway is the most important aspect of being human.  Work from this space.

The heart is your true home.  It is peace.  It is love.  It is nirvana. 

Thought is interruption.  Feeling is connection.  The Light is a feeling-space. 

This is your Spirit. 

Listen deeply to your soul, to your loved ones, to the world.  Listen to silence.  Listen to life with all of your attention. 

This is your Presence.

With this energy you have received an activation.  You have all that you need.

So now, stop doubting yourself.  You are learning and growing step by step.  You don’t need (or want) to rush to the end!  Life is not about achievements, it is about development, understanding, and evolution.

Simple lives make for happy lives.  Serve others.  Move through life with trust.  Take deep enjoyment in simple pleasures, of which there is an abundance here.  Be true.  Offer your gifts with out thought to how they’re received.  Simplify and enjoy life.


This text is copyright Brighitta Moser-Clark.  

Brighitta is a Reiki Master / Teacher and Channel based in London.  She is available for Reiki combined with intuitive guidance from Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones for deep and transformative healing sessions.  Find out more about Sessions and Courses @



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