Be Still and Listen.


Be still and listen to the water that runs deep.

There is a light that burns eternal. That light exists within you, it is you.

Remembering this truth and reminding others of this is your greatest gift. You are eternal and you are of the One. You teach best by demonstrating. Teach by listening. Show them how to be still and how to hear their own deep well running through their heart directly from Source.

Resist the urge to judge or to claim there is a ‘right’ way. There are easy ways, there are peaceful ways, but there are no ‘wrong’ ways.

To be alive is enough. You are here to live and to experience life. You choose and then you choose again. Your soul weaves a pattern through many, many lifetimes. You are never-ending.

While resting, listen to the full range of vibration in the silence. The silence becomes loud, full, alive. Take this moment to open, rise, connect with the Heart Space. We are found in this space, in the core of you. Feel the steady rhythmic pulse of life. Tune to the high frequency of your true self.

You are spacious inside. We are here in that space. We are attuning you to our frequency.

Get quiet. Listen. Receive. This is your work today – less doing, more being.

Listen. Be. Feel.

We are that feeling.

In love,
The Light Bringers


This text is copyright Brighitta Moser-Clark.

Brighitta is a Reiki Master / Teacher and Channel based in London.  She is available for Reiki combined with intuitive guidance from Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones for deep and transformative holistic healing sessions.  Find out more about Sessions and Courses @


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