Thoughts on Ku + Reiki

Stillness. Such a quiet here on Winter Solstice. I walked Eli to nursery while birds sang to greet the return of the sun. It’s quiet inside of me too. Post self-treatment focusing Reiki on my Hara, I feel like I have lightening bolts firing through my body. I am aware of the space I contain for those lightening bolts to flash upon.

Reiki is electricity.

Now when I contemplate space, or hear someone like Eckhart Tolle speaking of it, or read back the channellings that fill my book, I just see Reiki. Reiki is the energy of that space. The essence of what is called “Ku,” the Zen notion of emptiness. “Spiritual” energy is all of the cosmic energy of the formless.

We see Spirit as separate from ourselves so language points us in this direction even further, yet Spirit is All That Is – the quantum field of endless formlessness and the manifested form reading these words. This is another trapping in the manifested world of duality, we see form and formless, yet in the ultimate realm where our souls dwell we find that everything has energy and all of that is spiritual energy. That energy is what we call Reiki. Client’s often describe it as a warm blanket because it is the blanket of immeasurable space unto which we all exist. It is the Pure Land. The blanket of warm energy that holds the whole Universe. It is the energy of Oneness.

Ku is the central concept in Zen Buddhism. Ku is unchanging in nature – and it strikes me that Reiki is also unchanging. YES it sparks change, it creates so many in our lives when we welcome it in, yet it itself is unchanging – it remains consistent. This is the foundation of the Universe. This is pure cosmic un-manifest potential. This is our Buddha nature – our true nature. It is this quest all of us seeker’s are on, searching for this essence of ourselves. Paradoxically the quest is complete when we call off the search. It can only be found when we stop looking. It was inside all along.

Today I have four clients and with each I want to focus on this Ku essence  – not as a concept but as a feeling. A feeling of blending with the infinite dwelling place of Source. To experience myself as one with that energy and to feel as one with my client simultaneously, transmutes this enchantment into their consciousness at the cellular level. This feeling sparks the healing, the change, the alignment with their inner Ku. This is our wholeness, our fulfilment with the Buddha-mind, the soul, the emptiness. That is peace. How very profound this work really is – it seems a simple laying on of hands but that is a small picture of the eternal place we touch. It begins with connection and goes as deep as our awareness will allow. How beautiful that we don’t need to even know what it is or what it’s doing – we just need to permit it to do it’s good work. Thank you, Reiki.

This text is copyright Brighitta Moser-Clark.

Brighitta is a Reiki Master / Teacher and Channel based in London.  She is available for Reiki combined with intuitive guidance from Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones for deep and transformative holistic healing sessions.  Find out more about Sessions and Courses @


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