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I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, a Medium, a Channel, and an Artist based in London.

I’m currently working on a book of channelings and inspired images called “Postcards From Spirit” – I invite questions of a universal nature so please feel free to submit one and it may be included in the book!  I post selected entries regularly to this site.

My artworks can be viewed @ http://www.brighitta.com


A bit more about me and how I came to be a Channel:

The very first time I met with my Guides was in 2003 during my Reiki Level 1 attunement.  They first appeared as silhouetted Beings who assisted with healing sessions – they were always there every time I closed my eyes to channel the healing energy.  This relationship progressed to the written word a couple of years later while I was an art student, having moved to London from Virginia only a year before, seeking clarity about my life.  I had read “Conversations with God” and I knew it was possible to communicate with our higher selves through writing.  The first messages were short and came only every six months or so.  In my artworks, I was always fixated on asking the question “What is Reality?” – I was obsessed with what existed beyond our logical sensory perceptions.  I began a regular yoga and meditation practice along with using Reiki whenever the opportunity presented itself, often seeing images pop in to my mind that I would use as inspiration for creative pursuits.  I didn’t realise at the time that this was my clairvoyance developing itself in the most logical way, through my images and imagination – this was the start of learning to channel.

Fast-forward a few years, and my Father passed away after a very long and unforgiving illness – I was 27 and he was only 55.  This event was a tremendous turning point in my life, as I am sure most would say when they encounter the raw experience of deep dark grief in all it’s glory.  Although I was terribly sad for my own loss, I had this background emotion during the weeks after his death of relief, and even joy – it was his joy, so loud, so vivid, so penetrating, I felt it emanating from his Soul on the other side.  I created a mantra to help me find the lessons in this bewildering time: Grief is a Gift.  I said it to myself daily and I believe it really helped me heal.  I became aware of when he was close and when his Soul was elsewhere, and started to communicate with him through writing. Around this time I discovered the work of Abraham-Hicks as my quest for answers and knowledge about Spirit became more heightened and through them I became familiar with the process of channeling, never really thinking this was something I’d be interested in doing myself…

Another couple of years went by of intense spiritual growth, and then one day my Mother, my Husband and I went to a Psychic Medium called Celeste Woods (based in Manassas, Virginia) who’s presence rapidly opened the door to my gifts.   She saw in me what was brewing beneath the surface, and in our two hour session something clicked – the door was flung wide open, and she advised me to find a development circle to hone these awakening abilities.  I went home buzzing with the highest, brightest energy imaginable and spent the whole night wide awake writing messages back and forth with my Spirit Guide, Ariana.  I could see her with my Mind’s Eye vividly and she gave me vision after vision, clear images that communicated intense love and wisdom.  We stayed up talking all night.  It was like I was reunited with a long lost sister or best friend.  I had never felt so connected to Oneness before this moment and it changed everything.  I found a development circle for Mediumship in London, and realised that Spirit was very easy to connect to.  I believe we can all do it!  It just takes the intention, the openness, and a little faith.  It was an incredible experience actually seeing that I had real, tangible gifts and I wanted to train this muscle, to exercise it and gain strength.  I attended circle as often as I could while writing with my growing group of Spirit Guides almost every day – they taught me and led me to books and experiences to enhance my development, and our “Postcards From Spirit” book started to form.  In the process of daily channeling through writing, a whole new group of Guides emerged that called themselves “The Council of Light Bringers” which I was surprised to find my hand writing at the end of a new-feeling message in 2013.  Ariana, I was told, had blended into this larger group, which is too vast to give a number to and of which my own Soul is apart of.  Soon after this I started giving Readings for others, connecting to their Spirit Guides in wonderful and vivid ways that led to insightful and helpful advice.  I enrolled in the College of Psychic Studies, taking classes for channeling Guides and Angels and fell in love with this work even more, while gaining confidence by giving multiple Readings every week.  I then studied with the brilliant and delightful Medium, Tony Stockwell – if you ever have the chance to see him demonstrate I can not recommend him more highly – he continues to inspire me greatly.  I have been lucky and have had many fine teachers and mentors on this path – both on this Earth plane and in Spirit.  Later this year I will be learning under Torsten A. Lange to become a Reiki Master Teacher, and plan to begin teaching Reiki as well as other workshops from then on.  Stay tuned 🙂

This work is my calling and I am truly blessed to do it.  I absolutely love to feel Spirit’s Presence with each and every one of us – we have so much support and love around us!  I find so few people truly understand how loved they are and I take great pleasure in reminding them.  It’s a joy to connect to that loving realm, to learn from them, and to see the look of resonance on the faces of those that are open to hearing the messages their Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones have for them.


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