I’d love to discuss Reiki with you – I’ve learned so much about it but still it fascinates me and I crave knowing more.  Where exactly is it coming from?  Is it the highest energy frequency?  It feels incredibly high and light and peaceful to me when I use it, yet when I call in Angels during a session I can feel a shift of energy – they feel bigger, higher somehow….

Reiki is not separate from you – it is you.

Rei is your spirit, your soul.  Ki is your vital life-force, the energy that animates your body and the physical world around you.  The two energies intermingle and a stream of pure you is channeled.

When you attune someone to Reiki you are not bringing something foreign into their energy field  – you are simply waking them up to an awareness of what is already within them so they can access it. 

Spirit Guides and family on the other side can ride this vibrational wave and connect to you in the ‘atmosphere of the divine’ that you hold during a Reiki treatment.  It is a soulful energy, one that is familiar to souls.  Angels are operating at an even higher frequency and that is why you feel the shift when they come in.  Angels love to work with you as you use Reiki because they are also pure love.  They exist to help souls.

Reiki is the purest energy of you.  You are love, you are light, you are made of the very essence of Source.

You are a spark of the eternal Soul. Continue reading


March 2017 Insights + Guidance: Waves of Love and New Beginnings

Children and Parenting.JPG

A new season of warmth and new beginnings is upon us all both physically and metaphorically – the energies of this moment are alive and eager to grow!  What causes this stirring?  A deep and profound love for life.  A never-ending propulsion towards change and rebirth.

In February we spoke of fear and how it is simply what happens when you turn your back on love – love is always there for you to face again.  Fear is a shadow – unconscious and illusory.  Love is pure light, love is divine consciousness.  Now we guide you dear Ones to nurture your vibration into an aligned, inspired, and flowing grace, focusing your energy on love.  Enjoy the warmer days and soak up light – fill your chakras with it.  Be deliberate in your efforts to bask.  Take time for the most simple pleasures: listening to bird song, feeling the sun’s caress, appreciating flowers as they rupture into this time of colour and sweetness.  Attune yourself to Spring.  Really feel the magic of it.  Bring to your awareness the possibilities that this time holds for you.

This month has a perfect set up for all things to feel new once again, and it all begins with the light.  Bring this light into your etheric and physical bodies, and allow it to inspire you to a more loving state.  That is, a state of loving and caring for yourselves more and more.  When you embody the vibration of love, your entire world will shift to match it.  You will act with compassion to others, and you will experience miracle after miracle – for love is the vibration of the divine.  It is the highest frequency.  Continue reading

February 2017 Insights & Guidance. Fear : The Shadow of the Collective Unconscious

FEAR – The Shadow of the Collective Unconscious

What we wish to speak about today is fear.   There is  a fear that has permeated many in the world.  This fear has stirred up anger, worry, anxiety, and great feelings of insecurity and uncertainty.  So we feel it is of utmost importance to address this, to face it head on.  What is fear?  Fear is nothing more than a shadow.  Fear is what happens when you turn your back on love.  Yet the love is always there waiting for you to face it’s direction again.  Fear is regressive, restrictive, theatrical, illusory. 

There is a man who has come into power, but we use this word very lightly – because he is not truly in power – however, the fear that he has stirred gives him strength.  He is nothing but a focal point for the collective unconscious.  He is simply a manifestation of the collective ego.  Dears, we wish to remind you now so vehemently of oneness.  In the sea of oneness, this man is part of you.  In the sea of collective energies, his drop has no boundary with your drop.  Therefore what he represents is the part of you that needs healing.  Truly this time is a call to love.  This fear is a shout, a bellowing cry for LOVE.  Continue reading

A note on Integration, Wo Ai, and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all!

I opened my journal yesterday to reflect and savour the last few months of 2016, and to channel a message for 2017.  I found the last few pages full of lovely insights that I have no memory of writing.  During my Reiki Mastership retreat in Glastonbury back in September, a new Spirit Guide came into my awareness.  He has been mighty, loving, and profoundly healing in my life.  The story of his entrance could take up many pages, but I do want to share that I received his name as “O-Ai” a week or so after I began seeing him in my healing sessions.  When I shared this with a dear soul-sister friend who is also a Medium, she reminded me that during the retreat she’d seen a Chinese man’s face hovering over mine.  She happens to know Mandarin this dear one, enlightening me to the sweet fact that “O-Ai” sounds like “Wo Ai” which translates to English as….”I Love.”  This Guide is pure love and I’m so deeply grateful for his presence in my life.  This message was written from him, and it is perfect as we begin this new, fresh year.  May 2017 bring many wonderful blessings to you!  With much, much love, Brighitta xx

cropped-sun-halo-rainbow-1.jpgA Note on Integration

Integration is another word for alignment.

You are an integral part of the whole – the One.  Your life is integrating all that you have become.

You are wise, ancient, blissful, and whole.

You are complete yet always expanding.  You can be assured that growth is a constant, and therefore nothing is constant.  Even the Source is expanding, growing, and reaching.  The limbs of this very Universe are stretching outward.  You are becoming more you as you learn to integrate all of what you are.

Feel the years that have brought you precisely to this moment.  Feel the centuries of lives that have given this moment the beauty of your Being.  Be all that you are, on the loftier levels as well as the rooted, practical levels.  Embrace the Self that is here today, integrating so much into this experience of living.



Channeling and Photography (c) Brighitta Moser-Clark.

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This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit” – Brighitta invites questions of Universal curiosity, so if you have one in mind, please send it in! 



And What About Anger?


*2016 was full of political events that stirred (and continue to stir) so much anger in ourselves and our nearest and dearest. On this full moon that asks us to release one final time before 2017 begins, I thought I would share this Postcard From Spirit – What About Anger?* 

I have feelings of anger and anxiety towards someone that has hurt me.  What am I meant to do with it?  What does an enlightened master do in the face of anger?  I feel that no matter what I do to rid myself of this churning knotted feeling, it continues.  I know enough to not act it out, but now it seems like it’s stuck in my body.  How can I release it?

Dear Heart, we feel your intensity.  We are aware of your compassion for this individual that hurt you, yet we know that it has stirred up a host of emotions that feel toxic.  Anger is an emotion that asks for action.  It stimulates your body’s fight or flight response and when you do neither the fighting or the flighting, you will feel this residual chemical response churning away, you are now feeling chaotic in your core. 

So you are angry.  Do you give yourself permission to feel this way?  Are you resisting the anger?  Can you feel how it is a resistant state of pent up action-orientated rage?  Yes, all of these things.  The resistance to feel your feelings makes them far harder to release, dear.

Can you, for the moment, be allowed to be angry? 

Notice how in the accepting of this emotion, it softens ever so slightly.  Your giving permission to the anger creates a space between yourself and the emotion.  Can you feel this space?  Notice that the space could not exist if you were still identified as the anger.  The anger instead is not you – it is a wave that is moving through you.  Continue reading

On Cycles and Transformation


Today we wish to discuss cycles and the cyclical nature of this world you live in.  For you are part of this world, and your own cycles operate in much the same way.  As the Earth follows its orbit around the star of this solar system’s centre, the passing of seasons which illustrate our topic unfold with a predictable and steady rhythm.  Now is the season of Autumn, of letting go – releasing all that no longer serves you, all that you do not desire to take into the dark nights to come.   The trees are gently releasing into slumber so they may begin anew as they rebirth in the Spring.  There is no struggle within them, they do not cling to their dying leaves, nor do they mourn over the pieces of themselves as they fall away.  They are simply in surrender to this cyclical Earth, they are one with the Earth they live on.  Knowing the time to let go has come, they make their most beautiful spectacle as they release, it is a celebration.  Humans marvel at this vivid display not realising the same ease of surrender may be theirs to rejoice and celebrate as well. Let go into the unknown where life will create with you again, rebirth you into more beauty again and again.  All you need do is gracefully surrender and allow the nature of life in all its glory.  For you are nature, and if you look to her for clues she will guide you, she will teach you, she will bathe you in life’s energetic vigour. 

Continue reading

OCTOBER 2016 Insights & Guidance – Breaking Free

Dearest Ones,

October will be a pivotal month of change.  Indeed, the great theme of this month could be summed up with the words “Breaking Free” —— you have felt bounded in some way to the unconscious mind and the manifestations in your life that cause you to feel anxious and desperate for change. 

Here we have the opportunity for change that is at it’s most perfectly ripened state, more so than it has been all year.  If you will notice that you have the power within yourself and then claim it, you can summon this power to manifest all that you are dreaming of for yourself right now.  Step out of the chains that are holding you back – whatever they be for you: fear, lack mentality, or self-doubt.  Step powerfully forward to a new paradigm of abundance, confidence, and power.  This is a time to focus and claim what is yours.  For you have created your dreams and they are ready for the harvest. 

Know that it is right for you to manifest that which you are wanting, for those dreams want you too. In fact, we wish to remind you to approach your life in this way – what is right for me?  What feels best?  Not because your happiness is dependent on the conditions of your life, but because the new found state of happiness within you has created a new atmosphere around you and many changes are manifesting into your reality.  As your vibration rises higher, that which no longer matches must fall away.  Let it all go, even if it goes with an apparent drama, for it is all in your highest good.  Notice how the leaves let go, be inspired to let go with the same ease and grace.  The tree must let go of the old leaves before it can create new growth; and so it is the same for you.

How profound the energy is this month for growth, change, and abundance.  Enjoy breaking free and stepping forward.  A new foundation is being built to support you.  This life that is constantly aligning with the ever becoming you.  Now you have become something even greater than you were before, and your life can only reflect the same.

Happy Harvesting dear Hearts! With great love and abundant light.

Channeling by Brighitta Moser-Clark (c)

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Dearest Hearts,

As this month begins, we wish to discuss the topic of fearlessness.  What does that mean?  Is it a complete confidence?  It is in fact devout courage.  

You can not experience the rush of being courageous without the fear that must come before it.  Understand that fear is an emotion your soul knew it would have to overcome while incarnate on this Earth.  Overcoming fear is a big part of your lesson here.  You are not alone in that.  So have courage.  And have faith.

We realise that many of you may not be feeling ready for yourselves.  Many may be up late at night with worries or anxieties keeping you from the peace of much needed slumber.  Know, first of all, that these fears are masquerading as real.  They are not real at all.    

What we want to do is light a flame of consciousness that will burn away all the shadows, and ultimately illuminate the truth.  The truth that you are as ready as you will ever be.  The truth that all is entirely well.  So be courages, dear hearts, and light those flames.  Burn bright.  Allow others to see you, the real you.  You will inspire them by revealing your true self, and they will want to assist you and collaborate with you. Continue reading

What is the Spirit World like?


How do our loved ones reach out to us?  What are they ‘doing’?

The world of Spirit, the dimension of Source, the plane that we inhabit, is not so different from the Earth plane.   There are still places and faces and it is beautiful, colourful, and vivid.  It is a space that is made of light and energy.  Beings, Souls, are made of light.  We exist as harmonic frequencies, dancing clouds of colour, bright lights glowing within ourselves.  To be Spirit is to be light and free.  The Spirit World is a symphony of colour and light and music.  Indeed, we have music here.  The waves are what communicate feelings and thoughts. 

Let us start at the start.  When you pass away your body and your soul detach from one another.  This moment has been witnessed many times, even with your pets.  You can see the very second that the soul leaves the body.  Your Soul then acclimates to the lightness it once was and is again and it hovers sometimes as it remembers itself.  Your OverSoul (that which is your collective Soul which has remained in Spirit all along) begins to emit a signal to call you home.  This signal is a wave of vibration and it is audible.  You are never alone in this state – you are greeted immediately by either your main Guide, or your Soulmate, or another beloved Soul.  Someone will be at your side ready to help guide you on your journey back home.  You do then ‘go to the light’ as it is known.  What happens truly is a transformation from one dimension (third) to another (fifth). You are light and you go home to light.  This is effortless and feels like pure bliss.  You then slowly reunite with your Soul Group and this takes place in any number of settings, your creativity does not come from your body!  Familiar settings from lives, favourite gardens, landscapes, vistas, pure colour and light, anything is possible.   You will meet with your Guides and have a life review, and you will visit your High Council, your neighbouring Soul Groups, and continue to learn, adventure, explore.  Continue reading


Our dearest Dear Hearts,

As this month begins we wish to acknowledge the general feeling of heaviness amongst many of you.  It has made you tired, some have been feeling downright exhausted.  We see you shining and yet running on empty – shining because you feel you must for the others, but empty because in these turbulent times you have been spread too thin energetically.  This month we wish to guide you towards intensely loving and caring for your selves, the way you would a small child. 

Go back to basics and build your month of fierce self-care from the ground up.  We are talking about from the physical to the spiritual – from the roots to the crown. 

Have a look in the mirror at that beautiful Being of Light —- how are you feeding that body that carries you?  Are you giving it all the nutrients and nourishment it requires?  Are you taking yourself for walks, swims, and dancing enough for this body to feel it’s best?  Have a look at the space around you – is it nice to live in, does it feel good to you?  Make a note of anything that comes up.  Continue reading

For the Empath

For the Empath.jpg

Your sensitivity is a great gift. 

You are keenly aware of fluctuations in energy – you feel deeply the rise and fall of emotive particles all around you.  Everything is energy, every single thing vibrating, pulsating, resonating or reverberating.  Your gift was not intended to cause you to suffer, although often in the early stages you become aware of your gift because of the pain it can cause. 

Vibrate high dear One and ground yourself deeply into your body and the Earth.  When you feel a jolt of empathy, be the awareness rather than the pain.  Be the space rather than what occupies it.  Breathing deeply in through the nose, and out through the mouth as a sigh that softly chants “om” will assist you greatly.  It is very easy to feel another’s pain so deeply that it becomes your own.  It will knock you down where you can not help anyone, rather then becoming another who needs assistance to get back on their feet, be rooted as deep as you are tall dear Empath.  From there you can provide the help you’re here to give.  Your sensitivity is a great gift.  You, dearest Empath, can feel beyond the veil into the subtle realms.  In feeling beyond your own emotions, you possess an incredible emotional intelligence beyond what normal humans do.  You are not normal – you are a gifted sensitive!  Gifts of the Spiritual are meant to be given again.  Your gift is designed to allow access and understanding of all the nuances of vibration, a feeler to assist others to find the light in times of darkness.  You must be the light in order to do this dear One, do not get lost in another’s dark days!  Be so rooted in your light that you glow.  Be the lighthouse that guides others home.  Stand proud and bright dear One – unashamedly so!  For that is how you serve.  That is how you help another. 

Being an Empath means you know where to point your beacon.  Be the light in that darkness dear Empath, and glow. 


Channeling and Photography (c) Brighitta Moser-Clark.

Brighitta is available for Reiki sessions as well as Spirit Readings.  Find out more @

This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit” – Brighitta invites questions of Universal curiosity, so if you have one in mind, please send it in!


Aura and Energy Protection

Auras and Energy Protection

Please speak about placing protection around ourselves, the best methods to do so, and why we need to do this. What do we need protecting from?

This is a very important question to ask during these times, especially on the heels of the recent powerful waves of light that washed away the darkness on this planet, for as it did so pieces of residual darkness were made loose, brought to the surface, and more darkness than usual was hovering and able to be felt.  We want to emphasise that the dark is lifting off and being healed to raise the overall vibration of Earth during this crucial time of awakening and of transformation.  However, as it happens during intense healing times, there is a mixed transitional energy that can feel disruptive to sensitive ones like you.  Continue reading