Insights and Guidance for January 2015 and The New Year

Dearest Ones,

A new year brings a sense of hope and reflection that we wish for you to take forward longer than the brief transition of time between one year and the next.  There is a tangible increase in your vibration at this time that invites positive energy into your life, to manifest in every which way.

Rather than close the door to this powerful wave of energy, we ask you to keep it open now.  You do this by keeping your Heart open, emitting radiant love and allowing that energy to magnify and return to you.  There is more light gently washing the Earth now, softly releasing what no longer serves and cleaning that which does, making your lives sparkle in the process.  We invite you to do the same at this time of activation and release, as this light energy is assisting you in releasing the old and activating the new dreams you hold for yourself.   You can contribute to this energy in many ways, be that physically cleaning your home, emotionally letting go of harmful feelings, thoughts, or judgements, or spiritually cleansing your aura and entire Being – you are all being washed in the light of Peace now and it will carry away all that you wish to release.  This light is helping you to create more space in all areas of your life for goodness to arise and grow.   Some emotions or thoughts may feel uncomfortable as they arise, but just allow them to surface and wash away – do not cling to them or bury them as they come.  This is a global healing for the New Year, for a new dawn is rising in Humanity’s collective consciousness.  Those that are open to it will benefit most and will assist the process by being clear conduits for this loving peaceful light to flow.

Your Presence is needed now Dearest Ones – your radiant hearts, your light bodies – you are channels for the Light, magnifiers of the Love, and cultivators of the Awakening.  2015 sees more people gently waking up and vibrational frequencies increasing.  Babies coming now will be anchors of the rainbow frequency, increasing the quotient of light in Humanity, which is your ability and your vibrational space to hold more light.  In effect, you are now creating space within yourselves for this incredible increase – it is as if you are going from 20 watt to 200 watt light bulbs, for Shine the Light you do.  We want you to be aware of this wonderful gift that you inherently possess, and for your light to illuminate your own paths this year.  Your work on this planet is so very important, so supported by Spirit, and a blessing for all.

This year, we ask that you notice your light more often, for it is the light of Source within you.  We invite you to ground yourself within this light, to occupy that state, and from there to be Present and available to this world and to your lives.  You all have mighty flames to ignite the awakening in others.  It begins in love, with peace, and soft still knowing.  We thank you Dear Ones for your Presence here at this time, and we assure you a year of increasing joy and lightness.  Be present for it!  You are the spark.  You were made to shine!   Know that we are with you in this divine purpose, and many are radiating love and light to your world from the higher realms.  You are loved!  Each of you – you are love.

In vast galaxies of crystalline energy,
The Light Bringers

Channeled by Brighitta Moser-Clark

Happy New Year to all! ❤


Winter Solstice and New Moon Energy!

Dear Hearts,

Today is a good day for reflection, for tomorrow brings more light and you too will be brought to increased light, and all the things you carry will be revealed clearly in the light of day.

You may have recently experienced an awareness for something you wish to release from your consciousness, for this is the time to be aware of such things, for awareness is the path to expanded consciousness, and ultimately, to Awakening.  Embrace the aspects of your shadow that you may discover, and gently heal and release them from your Being.  With awareness, you can guide your vibration, thoughts, and conversation back into alignment with the highest intentions you hold for yourself and the new year ahead.

All is well, Dear Hearts.  Reflect today, release those things you wish to release, and step forward into the increasing light of tomorrow, owning proudly all that you are.  This is the darkest day of the year, your Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, and it is no coincidence that it is also the darkest night as the New Moon will not reflect the Sun tonight.  The light comes from within you, and tomorrow more will begin to shine – reflecting to you that which you hold.

Think of the cave, of drawing within and cleansing the deepest darkest parts of yourself, accepting whatever it is you find there, with appreciation for this awareness.  Take the torch of illumination with you, shining it into all the corners.  Your consciousness awakens more fully in awareness and acceptance.  Release, cleanse, and move forward tomorrow lighter and freer.  Do not fear your own cave dear Hearts, for it is part of you – and you are a Being of radiant light.  Take your light into your cave in the spirit of discovery – as you might enter the attic of your house after many years of neglect – in an effort to discover, to cleanse, and to clear it, to increase the spaciousness of it.  In this newly created space, light can enter, light can grow!  Brighter experiences and manifestations can come, and best of all – you will feel brighter and clearer for it.  Your intentions will be higher, your vibration lighter, your life Happier.

So today, pause to meditate and investigate to allow this process of revelation.  Awareness is the first step to release.  Cleanse your caves with compassion and love and eagerness for what the new light will reveal.  From this clearing, you can feel the light begin to increase, and from here you may best plant the seeds of desire for this coming year.  There is an expansive, transformative energy to this day.  Embrace it and it will serve you well.

We wish you well.  We wish you new spaciousness and lightness, we wish you increasing joy and abundance, and most of all we wish for you to truly feel the radiant LOVE all about you.

We are here with you, in the dark and the light.

Many Blessings for this wonderful time of New Moon Solstice energy and New Year intentions!

In Great Love,
The Light Bringers

Channelled by Brighitta Moser-Clark

❤❤❤ Happy Holidays to All! ❤❤❤


All About Angels…

Indiaaa 24

I would like to know more about Angels. Do they really exist? What is the difference between an Angel and a Guide? How many Angels are there? How do you communicate with them?

Dear One,

Yes, Angels exist.  They are real.  An Angel is a very, very high frequency Being – they exist very close to the Source frequency – they are pure, high, bright bright Beings of Light.

We ask you briefly, to imagine the Spiritual realm as you would see Earth if it were dissected and you were in Space looking upon it, into it, admiring all the many layers of interior magma at the core, and then outward the layers of rock and mineral, and then of course the land and the sea, and the atmosphere, that thin blue line, and the top layers of the atmosphere and then into Space.  If Source is Space, the Angels exist in the atmosphere.  Humans are at the core of the Earth in this analogy.  Your Soul and the Soul Plane exists on a layer above the interior, and this realm, this slice of vibration, is where Spirit Guides (like us) also reside.  Everything is operating at a frequency and so it is possible for all layers to communicate clearly with each other, but a tweaking of the frequency you are tuned to needs to happen in order to understand or even feel the other ‘layers’ of Source.  Truly the layers are really dimensions, but it is easier to explain in this manner.

Angels are the closest Beings to pure Source energy.  They have never incarnated, unlike Spirit Guides, who have incarnated many, many, hundreds of times.  Unlike your Guides, Angels are able to adjust their frequency to any layer and commune with all.  The Guides do not have the same range.  The only requirement is an invitation.  You don’t need to Believe to experience their Divine Presence.  You just simply need to ask for them to show you they are near.  Each Human Being has an Angel, sometimes many, and they work in such a profoundly powerful vibrational way, that is hard to describe their mechanisms with words alone.

Positive Prayer is the easiest way to speak to them (and us for that matter) – simply by saying “Thank you Angels, for revealing your Divine Presence to me now” will invite them in, and they will do what is suitable to show you they are near, with out scaring you – it might be a feather if that is a suitable sign for you, or it may be that you see brilliant beams of Light energy – whatever is appropriate for you is what they will do.  You can ask them to assist you with anything you can think of, they will help you every time.  Just ask.

Your Angels and your Guides work together, yet separately.  We have different, complimentary functions.  Your Angels are your link to Source.  They are messengers of the highest realm.  They are here to protect you, heal you, love you, support you, help you, and gently whisper what you need to hear in times you most need to hear it.  They are able to take on the appearance of Humans, although they will not truly be in a body, they are able to adjust their frequency to appear solid, if that’s what is needed at the time.  For example to better protect you, they are able to appear as Humans with you to a threatening person, or in times of crises they may seem like a helpful stranger.  They are pure love and light.  They are giddy, high, free feeling Beings, and they are powerful conduits for the Divine Love of Source.  There are far too many Angels to be able to give a number – trillions upon trillions.  There are as many Angels as there are atoms in your Universe.  All Religions have Angels, for everyone seeking the Divine will encounter at least one on their path.

Every Human Being has at least one Angel, but often times there are groups of them working in tandem.  Just like you each have at least one Spirit Guide, but attract many more through your life depending on your circumstances, so it is the same with The Angels.  They are here to serve.  We are here to Guide.  If you are the Child, We are the Teachers, the Therapists, the Advisors – and they are the Parents, the Doctors, the Bodyguards.  We work together very well, all to support you on your path.  You have no idea of the immeasurable love that Spirit has for you – for each of you.  You are loved so very much, this support structure is in place to give you the best, for you are loved beyond imagination


Channeling and Photography by Brighitta Moser-Clark

This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit”



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What do we look like to you?

We see energy – we see the bright light of souls, sometimes dimmer, sometimes so big and luminous, pulsing, flickering, living, breathing, vibrating beings of light.  Your body is too small to contain your whole essence.  Your light energy radiates out like a nebulous cloud – the energy surrounding you not only reflects your individuality, your unique pulsing fingerprint, but it also serves as a blueprint for your life, it contains all that is you, was you, and is becoming you.  We see a glimmering, radiant kaleidoscope when we look at you.  Your rays spreading farer and wider than you can possibly know now.

We see 7 billion suns on your world.  Your hopes, dreams, lessons, contracts, destinies, magnetism, all breathe in this light and draw in towards you that which serves this multi-faceted blueprint of your soul.  When your body dies it’s physical death, this light, the you of you, will return again to the light plane – you will see the rainbows in each soul, the spectrum each carries – shining always in a unique combination of radiant, vibrant light.

Your aura not only attracts what serves you on this physical plane – it reveals to us, your Angels and Spirit Guides, who you are and which of us can best help you on this journey in every momentary step.  With out being conscious of this light, all Humans choose which other Humans to interact with, based on this other energy field.  You are drawn to those emitting complimentary colours, variations of your sacred tune.  You each have harmonic waves also that emanate from you with your light – you sound like wonderfully enchanted Tibetan Bowls.  This also helps you to find the right “band mates” – others that compliment and expand your song.  Of course this frequency is what leads you from one life to Spirit and back again. The hum of creation leading you…ommmmmm… it is utterly delicious music of the Source.

If you were to photograph the realm of Spirit, it would remind you of the images of The Universe.  A vast sea of evolving energy, colourful clouds of matter, shining balls of light, coalescing forms of pure, expanding energy.  A picture of this would serve you so well. You would see infinity. You would grasp your eternal flame.  You would understand yourself.  You would never again be afraid. You would know Spirit.  You would see God.

Channeling and Photography by Brighitta Moser-Clark

This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit”


Rainbow and Crystal Children…

Rainbow near a waterfall, Iceland, Golden Circle.

 Can you tell me about Rainbow and Crystal Children?  Is this a real thing, that higher evolved souls are coming in?  Do Rainbow Children really have no karma or previous incarnations as I’ve read?

Indeed the children that have been coming to Earth in waves of generations have each been bringing special highly evolved gifts for the evolution of Humanity.  They have come in stages, steadily increasing the vibration of Humanity as a whole.

The Crystal and Rainbow Archetypes are imprints of energy from Source, for the new ones coming to incarnate now as this is what is needed.  The already Advanced Soul is given this extra imprint to fulfil this grand purpose to see Humanity’s next leap in evolution, which is a leap in Consciousness. Only Advanced Souls will come for the next 3-5 years [2015-2020] to tip the balance of energy. Then after this time they will be able to influence the younger souls coming in, and the Earth will be free for all sorts of Souls to incarnate here again.  For the time being, it will be protected to assure the success of this Awakening. This will uplift the entire vibration of the planet as a whole.  It will be known as the Age of Lightness, or The Light Ages.

Although all of these coming Souls will have this imprint, not all will be able to carry it through their entire lives as the pure imprinted vibration, for this state of Being will require quite specific nurturing.  It is very important that the little ones coming receive this nurturing Love from those like you, those that are aware and anchoring the light already are the ones to keep this pure vibration going.  Nurture beyond your own children, nurture all children that come into contact with you – you don’t have to say anything, but Be the one to see their potential, see their core, see that they are gifts from Spirit for this time, see this within them and you will nurture this aspect in every child you come across.

The Rainbows have incarnated before, but not necessarily on Earth.  They will feel pure and as if they haven’t for their energy is so clear and so in love with the newness that the Earth will be to them.  Their vibration is very very high and their Aura has all the colours of the rainbow shimmering through it. They will stir an Enlightenment here – they are teachers, gurus for you and if you look at them as such your growth will be even more rapid.  Remember though, they are children and will have qualities of human children too of course.  They are here to help the wold ascend, awaken, and progress.  They are energy workers, born very wise, and they are even more eager and excited to come to you then you are to receive them. You will expand a million-fold in their presence, and no matter how much you are able to give to them, they will always give you more. You will teach them and they will teach you more.  You will love them and they will love you more.  It seems impossible from your perspective, but such is the bigness of their hearts and the love of their souls.  They are giddy and light, like Angels, for they hold Angelic vibrations.


Channeling and Photography by Brighitta Moser-Clark

This text is part of a work in progress, a channeled book called “Postcards From Spirit”


December 2014 – Insights & Guidance: A Grateful Heart

December 2014 – Insights & Guidance.

The Theme for this month is A Grateful Heart

As this year draws to a close, we ask that you look back over the events that most satisfied you and most delighted you, holding a feeling of awe and a recognition of limitlessness, with a grateful heart for the many blessings this year has so richly bestowed upon you.

For although we normally ask you to be very grounded in the present here and now, we guide you at this time of your calendar year to reflect and to bring the grace and abundant essence of gratitude into this moment – for there is no better vibration to marinate in as one year ends and another begins.  We want you to know that as you increase your light and joy in this feeling of increasing appreciation this month, that by the last days of this year as you cast your gaze towards the beginning of another, you will focus this magnitude of appreciation forward and pave the way for even more blessings, love, and joy to flow forth into your life.  This is the best vibration to complete one cycle, and the best place in which to plant seeds of intention as you begin a new year.

We ask that as you take your eyes backwards over the year that is now drawing to a close, that you not search for the trouble, but instead focus passionately on the marvellous treasures, bringing each to the forefront of your mind in rich detail, and savour them, one by one.  Remember that there was a time when you had wished for some of those things – when they were only a dream in the un-manifested formless yet they have now come to fruition, and acknowledge how wonderful it is that you have new dreams.  We want you to see how life is always asking you to dream another dream, as it delivers into the manifested form – for almost as soon as one dream comes true, another is born.  The pleasure does not need to exist in only the manifesting of the dream, but in the formless existence of it as well.  We want your mind to be aware of this everlasting dance of dreams and we want you to see how many blessings just one year can contain.  For this next year coming has even greater potential for joy and abundant living, and the way to create a year even greater then this one is to be grateful in your heart for the many blessings and dreams you are already experiencing in the here and now before looking ahead to dream another dream for the future.  We want you to find this vibration of true appreciation, and to let it linger in your heart, each day of this month as a practice – look for the joy present in your life and reflect on the best parts of what this year held for you.  This practice will serve you now and it will carry forward powerfully into your later.   For a feeling of gratitude, a truly grateful heart, will give you new eyes in which to view the world – these eyes will look for beauty, and they will find it, they will look for magic and kindness and love and riches, and they will find those also.  Those eyes and that powerful heart will magnify the good around you and your life will reflect this way of seeing, your world will transform.  This way of seeing is healing, uplifting, and aligned with how we see.  We wish for you this experience and understanding and encourage your Grateful Heart Practice.  Write out your blessings and refer to them later, whenever you need a reminder of the plentiful good present in your life.  This is a beautiful ritual for all Decembers, for all days in fact, but especially at this time of year when the focus can be on the material wants, and the looking ahead – we ask that this year you do not look for holes in your life to fill but rather notice how full your life already is.  It will serve you well.

Enjoy this time of celebration and inward focus, and we wish for all the joy and love in the world to be ever more apparent to you as the days go by Dear Ones.  Happy December, make the most of the ever-present good all around you.

In great love,
The Council of Light Bringers


Channeled by Brighitta Moser-Clark


On Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving – the simplicity of these two words together is beautiful and easily overlooked.  It means to offer up your Thanks, to give it freely, and to give also thankfully, for having love to give, having time to give, having Presence to give to another, is something to be truly Thankful for.

On this day, and on all days, we ask – what are you Thankful for?

What do you have to give in a spirit of Thanksgiving?  What can you offer to others, with the spirit of thankfulness in your heart?  What do you have in such abundance that you can you give generously, thankfully?

To be filled with the essence of Gratitude, is to magnify all that is good in your life and to make all that is good into all that is plentiful.  A true grace is appreciation for what you have in the present, for the many blessings of your life, for your family, for your friends, for the love in your heart, for the blood in your veins – for life itself!

To be filled with Thanks is to be full of Prayer – a direct gift to Spirit.  Thanksgiving is to praise and kiss the very essence of your life.  To be on your knees with thanks is the most beautiful and splendid feeling – appreciating all that is, and all the wonder that is your life.  On Thanksgiving Day, a vibration of gratitude lingers in the air over anyone that practices the ritual of Thanks and it is tangible, it is healing and light and bliss to us.  Gratitude cleanses your heart of any lackful emotions and fills you instead with feelings of great Peace and Blessedness.  Giving thanks can lead to giving to others, for to be truly rich in Spirit is to realise you are rich in life, and when one is truly rich in life, one is compelled to share this bounty with others.  Be it sharing your joy, or your love, or your patience, or your open heart, or your light, or your presence, or your money – it matters not what the it is, but that the Spirit of this energy fills you, and you open the door to this abundant river of energy by being thankful for what you have right now.

So we ask you now, what are you truly, overwhelmingly grateful for?  Can you praise your life so much that you feel the need to kiss the sky in your gratitude?  This is the feeling we wish for you.  This is a theme we wish you to carry forward into each blessed day – count your blessings and appreciate them Dear Ones.  Your life will be richer each day for this simple, blessed practice.  Let it fill you until you overflow, and let those around you benefit from this succulent, rapturous joy that pours forth from your very Being, this sort of love for life is wonderfully contagious.

In rivers of rich thanks,
Your Guides and Angels

Channeling and Photography by Brighitta Moser-Clark