Spirit Readings

Readings : Spirit Guides, Angels, and Mediumship

By connecting to your Spirit Guides and Angels, as well as your Loved Ones, you will hear messages of inspiration, guidance, hope and love to help you on your life’s path.

I encourage you to assemble a list of questions before hand for your Guides and Angels to answer as this really helps to focus the energy and brings more clarity to the Reading.  It is my intention to be a bridge for the uplifting energy of Spirit and I do this with lots of love and enthusiasm for this wonderful work.  You will leave our session feeling uplifted, inspired, and full of love from your many Spirit Friends, and hopefully able to connect to this realm more easily yourself!  I promise you are far more supported then you realise, and I will endeavor to make this connection a lasting one for you by teaching you how to connect as we go.

My first wish for our session is that you will come to understand your own divinity and to feel that you are also a Spirit – we all are.  In this light, it is easy to see how Mediums and Channels can receive information; we are Spirit first, speaking Spirit-to-Spirit.  This connection can often leave us feeling rather giddy – such is the nature of working with high-frequency Beings of light!

I also channel through writing, and using this method I can answer your questions over email if that is easier for you.  This option works best if you only have one or two questions you would like clarity on.  The written answer will be detailed and loving, just as a verbal channeling session would be.  I can channel your own Guides or the Collective of Spirit Guides I often work with – this depends on the nature of your question.  The more specific your questions, the more detailed answers you will receive.

Readings can be done in person at my home in London (near London Fields, E8) or via Skype.



Spirit Guide / Angel / Mediumship Readings
60 minutes – £60
30 minutes – £35

Personalized ‘Postcard From Spirit’

Guidance on any subject of your choice.  I will channel a personal message just for you from Spirit Guides and Angels.  All manner of questions are welcome.
£25Oracle Cards or Tarot Reading
This is great for a specific question or topic that you would like a mix of Oracle Cards as well as Intuitive Guidance on – this is done over email only and is very in depth.
£35 per Reading

Spiritual Therapy : Reiki & Intuitive Guidance

90 minutes – £80
60 minutes – £55
*Repeat clients can enjoy a £5 discount on follow-up sessions 

*Book now by emailing me @ brighitta(at)brighitta.com




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