“Yesterday I experienced my first #reiki session with the very talented @brighitta in #londonfields – I’m not exaggerating when I say it was life changing. A truly special therapist.”
Amy (August 2016) via instagram

“My Reiki session with Brighitta was one of the most relaxing hours I’ve ever had. I get really bad pains in my arms from working on a computer and I didn’t feel any pain for several days after the session. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”
Laurence (July 2016)

“Had my very first Reiki session today with the brilliant @brighitta and it was eye opening and electric and magical and I’m still riding high on the beautiful positive energy. She is open for sessions, I highly recommend you go.”
Isaura (February 2016) via instagram

“The most magical healing Reiki session with magic lady @brighitta today 💗 Highly recommended if you need to reconnect with your self, your consciousness, your power, your strength… Feeling rested, relaxed and re-energised all at once. Thank youuu”
Claire (December 2015) via instagram

“Brighitta’s ‘Reiki Reading’ was a unique and wonderful experience!  I loved first having the relaxation and peace of a healing session (with an aura cleanse, chakra balance and Reiki) and then after hearing the psychic reading that had come to Brighitta whilst she was healing.  A brilliant and insightful combination of practices.”
Charlotte (September 2015)

“I am so thankful for your distance healing and reading.  The chakras that you said were stagnant really resonated with myself, and I feel so relieved you could see my aura as bright because lately I have not been feeling like myself and it is good to know there is still light in me.  You were spot on with everything, really.  It really resonates with my soul and my personality.  Thank you so much again for your time and energy.  I believe you have a gift and many people are going to be helped by you :)”
Cathy (September 2015)

“Brighitta made me feel totally at ease and provided a wonderfully colourful and insightful reading. She connected with my Spirit Guides who relayed some interesting past life information that was very appropriate to my life lessons in this incarnation. There were some insightful observations about my marriage that were spot on in accuracy.  I got a lot out of the reading and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you Brighitta!”
Charlotte (November 2014)

“Thanks so much for your very interesting reading today. I really appreciated your energy and enthusiasm, this certainly put me in a positive frame of mind. You came through with some puzzling links to past female relatives, it will be interesting to do some family research.  It was very comforting to receive such an abundance of love and support from the spirit world.
Thank you & best wishes.”
Dominica (October 2014)

“I have not had a reading like this before.  For many years I have been talking to Archangel Michael and Raphael, amongst others.  Brighitta correctly connected with them and picked up that I have loads of Angels around me and that they assist me in healing others.  I imagine Angels all around me and that’s how she described it.  She told me all about my Spirit Guide and named him which will help me to go forward.  She also advised me about two things I need to pay attention to, to go forward in the work I am doing.  I totally agree with this and instinctively know that this is true.  I was so excited also to know that I am on the right track as I know that I am my own worst critic and can be very hard on myself.  I know now that I can relax a bit on a few issues.  It was very exciting to hear just how strong I am!  It has been a long journey for me.  I was surprised at how good Brighitta was and how easily she connected with the Angels and Guides.  She is totally credible and her energy is lovely.  I feel the future is looking very bright for Brighitta!  She is truly excellent!”
Annette (November 2014)

“Brighitta gave me accurate and appropriate information.  She tuned into my energy and identified the Angels with me and gave loving, honest guidance on how to enhance an already good situation.  She was clear and kind with her information!  I really enjoyed it!!  She’s lovely!”
Valentina (October 2014)

“I requested a reading from Brighitta as I was going through a particularly challenging time and wanted to connect with my Spirit Guide. I was amazed at how quickly he came through and how much we could feel his energy, especially since it was via Skype and not in person. I was seeking guidance for a stressful financial situation …..a huge tax bill and no money to pay it! I followed the guidance that Brighitta channeled and I summoned my guide’s support and felt his presence during the call.  The outcome was a very unusual gift….they forgave the debt and closed the case. A huge weight was lifted and I’m so very grateful I asked Brighitta for the reading when I did. I’m looking forward to the next one! Since the reading I have been connecting daily with my guide and I am enjoying the blossoming relationship.”
Kelly (September 2014)

“Brighitta is a very cheerful person with a great sense of humour. I feel that she is in the right way of her development.  It was a relevant message and I enjoyed my time with Brighitta, she has a very nice energy to be with!”
Alissa (October 2014)


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